2017-09-13 Angela StegmaierLinux: TransportRpmsg: Fix Mutex Deadlock Issue
2017-09-01 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-09-01 Angela StegmaierTransportRpmsg: Fix Check for Invalid Socket
2017-08-03 Angela StegmaierLinux: LAD_client: Avoid hang in fopen during connect
2017-08-03 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: Add Input Paramter Checking to APIs
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: NameServer_daemon: Initialize mutex_attr 3.46 ipc-3.46-next
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: Tests: Add NameServer and GateMP to Fault Test
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: NameServer Daemon: Check that Handles passed from...
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: Tests: Add error/cleanup tests to NameServer test
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: NameServer_delete in NameServer daemon leaks memory
2017-06-27 Sam NelsonMakefile: Include GATE related sources for all platforms.
2017-05-26 Falk TristramLinux: NameServer_daemon: Initialize mutex_attr before...
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: ProcMgr: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Osal: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Resmgr: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: tests: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Samples: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Loader: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: DRA7XX: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Trace Daemon: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Shmemallocator: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Mx: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Build: Fix Build for Newer QNX Versions on Windows
2017-04-24 Angela StegmaierExamples: DRA7XX: Enable PM for DSP test images
2017-04-24 Angela StegmaierWatchdog: Add Watchdog_restore for DRA7XX DSP
2017-04-12 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: OMAP-L138: Fix up resource table
2017-04-10 Angela Stegmaierautotools: Update Linux tests Makefile.in for fault...
2017-04-10 Angela StegmaierAndroid: Makefile: Update Name of Fault Test Source...
2017-04-04 Sam Nelsonfault: Linux: Renamed test application fault to Message...
2017-04-04 Sam Nelsonfault: BIOS: Renamed test application fault to messageq...
2017-03-31 Sam Nelsonrpmsg: Add Rpmsg NS 2.0 to OmapL138 platform
2017-03-31 Angela StegmaierLinux: GateHWSpinlock: Fix Compiler Warnings
2017-03-31 Angela StegmaierLinux/Android: MessageQ - Fix Implicit Declaration...
2017-03-14 Sam NelsonMessageQ: Remove Error declaration with local MessageQ...
2017-01-31 Angela StegmaierLinux: Fix Static Analysis Reported Issues in IPC 3.45
2017-01-20 Angela StegmaierQNX: rpmsg-rpc: Add MAP_SHARED to mmap64 Call
2017-01-20 Angela StegmaierDeh: DRA7XX: Add DEH and Watchdog to DSP2 tests
2017-01-20 Angela StegmaierWatchdog: Add Config to disable Watchdog
2017-01-19 Suman AnnaTests: ping_tasks: Use different description names...
2017-01-19 Suman AnnaLinux: Update user AF_RPMSG define for 4.7+ kernels
2017-01-11 Sam Nelsonwatchdog: enable __FAR__ for static variable
2016-12-22 Misael Lopez... lad: Skip daemon running check in Android
2016-12-22 Misael Lopez... lad: Compile lad_dra7xx as app for Android
2016-12-15 Sam Nelsonmake: Update to build interfaces first 3.44 ipc-3.44-next
2016-11-27 Sam Nelsonautotools: Update of autogenerated files
2016-11-27 Sam Nelsonautotools: Update to remove subdir-objects
2016-11-22 Sam Nelsonautoreconf: Linux: Update autotools generated files
2016-11-08 Sam Nelsonconfigure.ac: Update to avoid warnings with auroreconf
2016-11-08 Sam NelsonMakefile.am: Update to use -pthread
2016-11-08 Karthik RamananLinux: Add pthread dependency for transport
2016-10-28 Sam NelsonBuild scripts: Add far model for ipc data
2016-10-28 Sam NelsonBuild.xs: Add missing files for building A15 libraries...
2016-10-24 Angela StegmaierLinux/Android: Refactor MessageQ_create to Register...
2016-09-29 Angela StegmaierQNX: NameServer: Fix Debug Trace in NameServer_add 3.43 ipc-3.43-next
2016-09-07 Suman AnnaTests: Enable RPMSG_NS_2_0 for all Keystone 2 platforms
2016-08-31 Vishal MahaveerLinux: remove always true check
2016-08-31 Angela StegmaierQNX: Change LOGn to GT traces for consistency
2016-07-22 Harinarayan... RcmServer: Replace System_printf with Log_print
2016-07-22 Angela StegmaierLinux: NameServer_daemon: Check All Remote Cores Even...
2016-07-12 Angela StegmaierWatchdog: DRA7XX: Fix Watchdog Timer13 BaseAddr
2016-06-29 Angela Stegmaiergrcm: Only Assert on Received Message Checks if Shutdow...
2016-06-29 Angela StegmaierLinux: GateMP_daemon: Fix incorrect mapping of IGatePro...
2016-06-29 Angela Stegmaiertests: gatempapp: update sr0 addresses to align with...
2016-06-27 Sam Nelsonipc-bios.mak: Remove use of find command under windows
2016-05-27 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update makefile template to create lib directory
2016-05-25 Sam Nelsonlinux/ipc: Replace error message with debug print for...
2016-05-18 Angela StegmaierRemove INTMEM Type to match Linux K4.x
2016-05-18 Angela StegmaierTests: Update Tests to Remove INTMEM type usage
2016-05-18 Angela StegmaierQNX: IPC: Handle Internal Memory Loading outside of...
2016-05-16 Sam Nelsonipc-bios.bld: Add building of smp libraries for A15
2016-05-12 Angela StegmaierLinux: GateMP: Check for Proper NameServer Value Length
2016-04-27 John GodbeyShared memory cache management
2016-04-20 Angela StegmaierLinux: tests: Call MessageQ_unbind in Fault Test
2016-04-20 Angela StegmaierLinux: Reattach to Proc In NameServer daemon In case...
2016-04-20 Angela StegmaierLinux: Fix Error Handling in TransportRpmsg_delete
2016-03-11 Angela StegmaierGateMP: Fix for hostSupport with GateMPSupportNull 3.42 ipc-3.42-next
2016-02-24 Angela StegmaierLinux: GateMP: Baseaddr not Correctly Set when UIO...
2016-02-19 Stephen Molfettadeh: Watchdog: Timer structures declared as volatile
2016-02-18 Sam Nelsonipc: Remove warnings found with MISRA checkers
2016-02-16 Sam Nelsonipc: Fix to handle remote GateMP not available
2016-02-12 Angela Stegmaiertests: gatempapp: update cmem and sr0 addresses to...
2016-02-12 Sam Nelsonipc-bios.bld: Update default platform for C6678
2016-02-12 Sam NelsonGateMP: Correct exception string
2016-02-12 Sam NelsonGateMP: Add check for zero resources case
2016-01-27 Sam Nelsontests: Update messageq_multicore to use ti.ipc.remotepr...
2016-01-05 Misael Lopez... lad: Allow only one instance of the daemon
2016-01-05 Misael Lopez... lad: Clean-up old response FIFOs
2015-12-21 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: MmServiceMgr: Use Any Address for Port
2015-12-21 Misael Lopez... Linux: Add support for the hwspinlock_user driver
2015-12-21 Misael Lopez... Linux: Close spinlock device after gate is stopped
2015-12-21 Misael Lopez... daemon: Add support for UIO-based SR0
2015-12-15 Angela StegmaierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.40' into ipc...
2015-12-09 Sam NelsonStd.h: Remove unused types in Std.h files 3.41 ipc-3.41-next
2015-12-04 Sam Nelsontci663x: Correct error in Interrupt configuration
2015-12-02 Sam Nelsonbios: Update to remove reference to old ti.bios
2015-12-02 John GodbeyAdded K2E and K2L ARM Alias to Settings.xs
2015-11-25 Sam NelsonInterrupt: tci663x: Update Interrupt numbers for 66AK2G
2015-11-24 John GodbeyStandardize #ifdef usage in the Interrupt Module
2015-11-24 John GodbeyK2E and K2L RTOS support in IPC Settings
2015-11-20 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: fix build issues with Android Marshmallow 3.40 ipc-3.40-next