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2014-02-04 Chris RingLinux: Update autotools generated files
2014-02-04 Chris RingSDOCM00103659: Add pkg-config support
2014-02-04 Chris RingDRA7XX: Minor test cfg script refactoring
2014-02-04 Chris RingDRA7XX: Consolidate DSP1/2 config scripts
2014-02-04 Suman AnnaOMAP5: Adjust IPU carveout size and linker map
2014-02-04 Suman AnnaDRA7xx: Adjust carveout sizes and addresses
2014-02-01 Chris RingVayu: Minor comment wordsmithing
2014-02-01 Suman AnnaTests: Remove MPU mapping from gatempapp sample's resou...
2014-02-01 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Adds GateMP build support
2014-02-01 Arnie ReynosoLinux: LAD requires -l option for logging
2014-02-01 Chris RingOMAP5: Minor test cfg cleanup
2014-02-01 Chris RingLinux: Improve MessageQApp cmdline error handling
2014-02-01 Chris RingOMAP5: Remove unnecessary rpmsg-related code
2014-02-01 Chris RingBIOS: Enable xdc__strict and fix issues
2014-01-27 vwan@ti.comGateMP: Revert ti_sdo_ipc_GateMP_getSharedAddr
2014-01-23 Chris RingLinux: Update autotools-generated files
2014-01-23 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Fix gateMPApp unconditional build
2014-01-22 Chris RingDocs: Update MmRpc doxygen documentation
2014-01-22 Chris RingLinux: Update to autotools files for GateMP addition
2014-01-22 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Added GateMP support for DRA7XX devices
2014-01-21 Chris RingLinux: Update autotools generated files
2014-01-21 Chris RingC66AK2E: Linux: Introduce support for C66AK2E
2014-01-21 Chris RingC66AK2E: BIOS: Introduce support for C66AK2E
2014-01-21 Chris RingLinux: Update autotools generated files
2014-01-21 Chris RingTCI6630: Linux: Introduce support for TCI6630K2L
2014-01-21 Chris RingTCI6630: BIOS: Introduce support for TCI6630K2L
2014-01-21 vwan@ti.comIncrease the max name length for GateMP's NameServer...
2014-01-20 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update autotools generated files
2014-01-20 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Add package config information to mmrpc
2014-01-16 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00106019 IPC makefile template does not honor...
2013-12-19 Chris RingLAD: Dead code removal
2013-12-19 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: DRA7xx: Cleanup references to OMAP5
2013-12-13 Chris RingIpcMgr: Fix comment typo
2013-12-13 Chris RingDRA7XX: Improve SMP detection and error messages
2013-12-13 vwan@ti.comIgnore 'remote get' timeouts in NameServer_get when...
2013-12-13 vwan@ti.comChange NameServer_get to ignore 'remote get' timeouts...
2013-12-13 vwan@ti.comFix wrong assertion in packages/ti/sdo/ipc/family/vayu...
2013-12-09 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ipc-3.20-next...
2013-12-09 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ipc-3.10-next... ipc-3.20-next
2013-12-09 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.00' into ipc... ipc-3.10-next
2013-12-06 Chris RingSDOCM00105512: Support unnamed Linux MessageQs
2013-12-05 vwan@ti.comRemoves all references to OMAP4 and TI81xx devices...
2013-11-16 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update autotools to require KERNEL path 3.00 ipc-3.00-next
2013-11-15 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update user AF_RPMSG define for 3.9 kernel
2013-11-13 vwan@ti.comRelease the OMAP5 DSP MMU from reset after loading... 3.20
2013-11-13 vwan@ti.comList supported core ids for QNX IPC manager in help...
2013-11-12 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104726 Fix RcmServer.c compile warning
2013-11-08 vwan@ti.comAdd support for loading to IPU internal memory on QNX...
2013-11-08 vwan@ti.comAdd support for loading to slaves' internal memory...
2013-11-08 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00099002 Make LibType_Debug build profile same...
2013-11-08 Arnie ReynosoSDOCM00104913: Warnings when DRM_PREFIX not set
2013-11-08 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Autoconf script requires updating
2013-11-07 Robert TivyUse size_t cast instead of fixed-length integer cast
2013-11-07 vwan@ti.comRemove ducati trace thread in QNX
2013-11-05 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104689 Remove MultiProc_setBaseIdOfCluster API
2013-11-01 Chris RingMerge into ipc-next
2013-10-31 vwan@ti.comModify MessageQApp and MessageQBench in QNX to match... 3.10
2013-10-31 Ramsey HarrisUpdate message protocol between host and server.
2013-10-31 Arnie ReynosoTest: Modified MessageQBench due to server changes
2013-10-29 vwan@ti.comPrevent MMU registers from becoming unreadable
2013-10-29 Angela StegmaierQNX IPC: OMAP5 - Enable DSP-MMU Fault Recovery
2013-10-28 Judah Vangchange 'swiPriority' to module config param
2013-10-28 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104757 Fixed VirtQueue notification race condition
2013-10-25 Chris RingSDOCM00103636: ping_rpmsg OMAP5 test broken
2013-10-24 Arnie ReynosoExamples: Added ping_tasks to talk w/ Linux app
2013-10-24 Arnie ReynosoExamples: Modify BIOS ping_rpmsg with dynamic Tasks
2013-10-24 Chris RingFix TCI6636 platform typo in comment
2013-10-21 Chris RingOMAP5: Fix test build of nameserverapp
2013-10-21 Chris RingMerge tag '' into ipc-next
2013-10-21 vwan@ti.comMask off signals before creating thread pool in QNX...
2013-10-19 Ramsey HarrisModified MessageQApp and messageq_single to support...
2013-10-19 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104583 RPMessage crash after 65k messages
2013-10-18 Chris RingExamples: Move ti.configs.vayu into tests
2013-10-18 Chris RingExamples: Move ti.configs.omap54xx into tests
2013-10-18 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104194 Missing vayu package dependencies
2013-10-18 vwan@ti.comCreate a separate BIOS configuration file for NameServerApp
2013-10-17 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update autotools to require KERNEL path
2013-10-17 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update user AF_RPMSG define for 3.9 kernel
2013-10-15 Chris RingBuild: Align products.mak variables across OS's
2013-10-11 vwan@ti.comRemove BIOS-side rpmsg trace for NameServerApp and...
2013-10-11 vwan@ti.comRemove static allocation of IPU_MEM_IOBUFS memory in...
2013-10-10 Chris RingGateMP: typo fixes
2013-10-08 Chris RingOMAP5: Provide default Notify delegate
2013-10-03 Ramsey HarrisRemoved unnecessary cast in parameter assignment.
2013-10-03 Angela StegmaierQNX IPC: RscTable - Use MAP_NOINIT Flag to Allocate Mem
2013-10-03 Chris RingOMAP5: resource table dead code cleanup
2013-10-03 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Added build support for ping_rpmsg app
2013-10-02 vwan@ti.comAdd headers and libs to QNX 'make install' (part 2)
2013-10-01 Chris RingMerge recent 3.00 changes into 3.10
2013-10-01 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104043 MessageQ_open() returns not found
2013-09-27 vwan@ti.comFix wrong usage description of resource manager (SDOCM0...
2013-09-26 Judah VangAdd defaultErrFxn and an err fxn to module state
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103043:Resolve Concerto IPC stress test failures
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103935:Update to work with different cluster...
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103934:allow Swi priority to be configurable
2013-09-25 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Added support for MessageQ
2013-09-25 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Removed circular dependencies from ipc libs
2013-09-25 Chris RingTest: Add autotools-generated Makefile.in
2013-09-25 vwan@ti.comImplement reference counting in NameServer_create/delet...
2013-09-24 vwan@ti.comAdd headers and libs to QNX 'make install'