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2013-12-09 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.00' into ipc... ipc-3.10-next
2013-11-16 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update autotools to require KERNEL path 3.00 ipc-3.00-next
2013-11-15 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update user AF_RPMSG define for 3.9 kernel
2013-10-31 vwan@ti.comModify MessageQApp and MessageQBench in QNX to match... 3.10
2013-10-31 Ramsey HarrisUpdate message protocol between host and server.
2013-10-31 Arnie ReynosoTest: Modified MessageQBench due to server changes
2013-10-28 Judah Vangchange 'swiPriority' to module config param
2013-10-28 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104757 Fixed VirtQueue notification race condition
2013-10-19 Ramsey HarrisModified MessageQApp and messageq_single to support...
2013-10-19 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104583 RPMessage crash after 65k messages
2013-10-17 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update autotools to require KERNEL path
2013-10-17 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Update user AF_RPMSG define for 3.9 kernel
2013-10-03 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Added build support for ping_rpmsg app
2013-10-02 vwan@ti.comAdd headers and libs to QNX 'make install' (part 2)
2013-10-01 Chris RingMerge recent 3.00 changes into 3.10
2013-10-01 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00104043 MessageQ_open() returns not found
2013-09-27 vwan@ti.comFix wrong usage description of resource manager (SDOCM0...
2013-09-26 Judah VangAdd defaultErrFxn and an err fxn to module state
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103043:Resolve Concerto IPC stress test failures
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103935:Update to work with different cluster...
2013-09-26 Judah VangSDOCM00103934:allow Swi priority to be configurable
2013-09-25 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Added support for MessageQ
2013-09-25 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Removed circular dependencies from ipc libs
2013-09-25 Chris RingTest: Add autotools-generated Makefile.in
2013-09-25 vwan@ti.comImplement reference counting in NameServer_create/delet...
2013-09-24 vwan@ti.comAdd headers and libs to QNX 'make install'
2013-09-17 Ramsey HarrisNew unit test for MessageQ delivery.
2013-09-17 Sunita NadampalliAndroid.mk: remove HEAPTRACK library dependency
2013-09-11 Chris RingBuild: Enable builds without SMP support
2013-09-11 Robert TivyMessageQ: Fix MessageQ_get() dropping messages
2013-09-05 Ramsey HarrisMmRpc: updated to new Linux rpmsg_rpc.h API
2013-09-04 Chris RingNameServer: fix Linux-requested remote ns lookups
2013-09-04 Ramsey HarrisFixed compiler warning when assigning buffer address...
2013-09-04 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Removed install-hook to include *.la files
2013-09-02 Chris RingDev: Add new QNX binaries to .gitignore
2013-09-01 Ramsey HarrisRemoved unused IPU processor name from NotifySetup.
2013-08-30 Chris RingBuild: Cosmetic changes to products.mak
2013-08-30 vwan@ti.comOMAP5 QNX: Changed ipc.c to avoid calling GateMP since...
2013-08-30 vwan@ti.comFixed make install for QNX (Vayu) to export GateMPApp
2013-08-30 Ramsey HarrisAdded MmRpc_use()/MmRpc_release() API functions.
2013-08-30 Angela StegmaierQNX IPC: rpmsg_rpc - Don't Use Primary Offset in Transl...
2013-08-28 Ramsey HarrisAdd base field to MmRpc_Xlt structure.
2013-08-28 Robert TivyChanges to support non-NameServer-capable slaves on...
2013-08-28 vwan@ti.comChange NameServer_get to ignore 'remote get' timeouts...
2013-08-28 vwan@ti.comAdded GateMPApp test for GateMP verification
2013-08-28 vwan@ti.comGateMP: Introduce support for GateMP on QNX
2013-08-27 Sunita NadampalliMmRpc: Added support for Android OS build
2013-08-24 Chris RingMessageQ: Fix for Linux msgs sent to wrong slave
2013-08-23 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Remove KERNEL and DRM requirement
2013-08-20 Chris RingMessageQ: Merge new IPC 1.25.03 MessageQ features
2013-08-19 G AnthonyTests: mmrpc_test: Fix unitialized status variable...
2013-08-19 G AnthonyTests: mmrpc_test: Removed omapconf comment and getchar...
2013-08-19 G AnthonyTests: rpc_task: Invalidate the compute structure in...
2013-08-08 Ramsey HarrisBuild CMEM library only if platform is specified.
2013-08-08 Ramsey HarrisAdded offset pointer support to MmRcp.
2013-08-07 Ramsey HarrisMoved drm libraries out of common variable.
2013-08-07 Ramsey HarrisRan autoreconf to generate new makefiles and configure...
2013-08-07 G Anthonytests: mmrpc_test: Updated Mx_compute() to test rpmsgrp...
2013-08-07 G Anthonytests: mmrpc_test: Add DRM library to Linux side makefiles.
2013-08-07 G Anthonyproducts.mak: Added DRM_PREFIX setting.
2013-08-07 Arnie ReynosoLinux: Added DRM_PREFIX config variable to the Linux...
2013-08-07 vwan@ti.comSet status field in fw_rsc_vdev after MessageQCopy_atta...
2013-08-06 G AnthonyMxServer_compute: Incremented num params from 1 to...
2013-08-06 G AnthonyVirtQueue: OMAP5: Poll for VDEV status in VirtQueue_sta...
2013-08-06 G AnthonyVirtQueue: Poll for VDEV status in VirtQueue_startup...
2013-08-06 G AnthonyResource: Add accessor to read the status field from...
2013-07-29 G AnthonyVirtQueue: Added capability to see Log_print from Vayu...
2013-07-26 Chris RingMerge tag '' into ipc-next
2013-07-26 Suman Anna.gitignore: Ignore patch files
2013-07-26 Suman AnnaConfigs: DRA7xx: Change IPU1 BIOS tick timer to use...
2013-07-26 Suman AnnaConfigs: DRA7xx: Update the dmtimer addresses
2013-07-26 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: DRA7xx: Remove MPU mapping from resource...
2013-07-26 G Anthonyping_rpmsg: Updated test to take numLoops and CoreId...
2013-07-26 G AnthonyVayu: Added DRA7XX platform to configure.ac and Makefil...
2013-07-26 Suman AnnaSrvMgr: Publish OMX server for DRA7xx IPU1 & DSP2 proce...
2013-07-26 G AnthonyVayu: Tests: Add support for IPU1 and DSP2
2013-07-26 G AnthonyRevert "Resources: Define memory region type for carveo...
2013-07-26 Chris RingBuild: Entry point alignment to ti.ipc.remoteproc
2013-07-16 Chris RingC64T: use common C6x compiler opts
2013-07-12 Robert TivyChanges for new cmem.h location and CMEM library
2013-07-10 Chris RingEnable BIOS-side to build for specific platforms
2013-07-08 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.00' into ipc...
2013-07-03 Chris Ring6636: More Linux and BIOS 6636 support
2013-07-01 Arnie ReynosoLinux: MmRpc libraries build only for platforms that...
2013-07-01 Judah VangTCI6636: Change MultiProc names to match TCI6638
2013-07-01 vwan@ti.comQNX: Fix multi_process.sh for < 10 processes
2013-07-01 Chris RingQNX: Fix default build to not 'install'
2013-06-28 Judah VangChange adds support for TCI6634 and TCI6636
2013-06-28 Chris RingQNX: Minor file inclusion cleanup
2013-06-26 Chris RingQNX: Remove unnecessary header inclusion
2013-06-25 Chris RingMore minor coding convention fixes
2013-06-25 vwan@ti.comQNX: Fix multi_process.sh for < 10 processes
2013-06-24 Chris RingFix coding conventions in a few headers
2013-06-22 Chris RingVayu: Remove ti.platform.vayu.* pkgs
2013-06-21 Chris RingQNX: Fix default build to not 'install'
2013-06-20 Angela StegmaierQNX IPC: MmRpc - Generate .so Libs also
2013-06-20 Chris RingQNX IPC: Export MmRpc Libs and Headers
2013-06-19 vwan@ti.comReplaced usage of pathconf() with PATH_MAX
2013-06-18 Ramsey HarrisVayu: Increased processor table size in NotifySetup...
2013-06-18 Ramsey HarrisMmRpc: Remove 'base' field from MmRpc_Xlt struct