2018-12-20 Sam Nelsonversion: update to new version lu-next master
2018-12-20 Shravan Karthiktests: Cleanup to prevent size mismatch warnings
2018-12-20 Shravan Karthikmodule: cmemk: Modifications to dmabuf operations for...
2018-12-20 Sam Nelsonapitest: Update to check for return value for allocPhys
2018-12-20 Sam Nelsoncmem: Code clean up
2018-12-20 Sam Nelsoncmemk: portability fixes for handling physical address
2018-12-20 Sam Nelsoncmem: Add portability fix for user space library source
2018-12-20 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update for K3 architecture
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonversion: update to new version
2018-08-18 Sam Nelsonlu.mak: Update to allow building for aarch64
2018-08-18 Suman Annacmemk: Fix mmap failures on K2 devices with v4.14.49
2018-03-05 Sam Nelsoncmem: Update version number to
2018-02-15 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update handling of get_phys
2018-02-15 Sam Nelsoncmem: Bug fix: Correct return value checking
2018-01-31 Sam Nelsonversion: Update version number to
2018-01-31 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Cleanup of tabs and spaces
2018-01-31 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update to make code work with kernel 4.14
2018-01-26 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Clean up of tabs and spaces
2018-01-26 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Add error checks and cleanup
2018-01-26 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Need protection for find_vma for multithread use
2018-01-26 Sam Nelsoncmem: Fix return value for export_dmabuf
2017-11-20 Suman Annacmemk: Fix the dma_buf ops names on 4.12+ kernels
2017-11-20 Suman Annacmemk: Use architecture agnostic uaccess.h header
2017-11-20 Suman Annacmemk: Fix usage of get_user_pages_remote() on 4.10...
2017-11-01 Sam Nelsoncmem: Update version to
2017-09-19 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: move cmem libraries/binaries to vendor partition
2017-02-16 Sam Nelsonversion: Update cmem version to 4.14
2017-02-16 Suman Annacmemk: Fix usage of get_user_pages() on 4.6+ kernels
2017-02-16 Suman Annacmemk: Fix cmem_dma_buf_end_cpu_access() signature...
2017-01-10 Sam Nelsoncmem: Update version
2017-01-10 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Initialize vma variable
2016-12-02 Sam Nelsonversion: Update cmem version
2016-12-02 Sam NelsonDocumentation: Update ti,cmem.txt with updated features
2016-12-02 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Add support for blocks using sram nodes
2016-11-15 Sam Nelsontests: Update apitest to exercise dmabuf export
2016-11-15 Sam Nelsoncmem: Add support to export cmem buffer as dmabuf
2016-11-15 Sam Nelsoncmem: Fix duplication of block_struct
2016-11-15 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Add error check for ioremap function call
2016-11-15 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Fix for issue with allocating memory from CMA...
2016-09-26 Sam NelsonDocumentation: Add kernel device tree documentation
2016-09-07 Sam Nelsoncmemk: UPdate cache wb and invalidate function.
2016-09-07 Sam Nelsonversion: Update version to
2016-09-07 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update to use local assembly for cache operations
2016-09-07 Sam NelsonRevert "Remove assembly function hack for !MULTI_CACHE...
2016-06-24 Sam Nelsoncmem: Update version to
2016-04-27 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update to use high level functions for cache...
2016-04-27 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Cleanup on cmem_cma_dev_0
2016-04-27 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update to remove return value for seq_printf
2016-04-27 Robert TivyRemove assembly function hack for !MULTI_CACHE case
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Use #define for keystone dma pfn offset
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsoncmemk: Update to ensure backward compatibility with...
2016-03-15 Vitaly Andrianovks2: set dma_pfn_offset for keystone2 devices
2015-10-19 Robert TivyAdd support for LPAE in DT processing
2015-08-25 Robert TivyRevert "Remove assembly function hack for !MULTI_CACHE...
2015-08-21 Robert TivyUpdates to accommodate GCC 4.9
2015-08-21 Robert TivyRemove assembly function hack for !MULTI_CACHE case
2015-08-20 Robert TivyFix some typos
2015-05-13 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Refactored makefiles into a single Android.mk
2015-05-13 Robert TivyAdd non-interactive mode option -n
2015-01-29 Robert TivyChange int to unsigned int to suppress warnings
2015-01-29 Robert TivyModify apitest for Android
2015-01-29 Robert TivyAdd support for Android to use mmap64
2015-01-23 Robert TivyChange vm_page_prot WRITETHROUGH to WRITEALLOC for...
2015-01-23 Robert TivyAdd back allowOverlap processing but deprecate it and...
2015-01-23 Robert TivyCleanup #if 0|1 blocks and commented-out code
2015-01-19 Robert TivyAdd LPAE 36-bit phys addr adjustment for Keystone CMA...
2015-01-07 Robert TivyFix cache handling code
2015-01-07 Robert TivyRestrict new DT processing code to KERNEL_VERSION(3...
2015-01-06 Robert TivyAdd @code directive for DT snippet
2014-12-23 Robert TivyUpdated CMEM README, and cmem.h cdoc for DT support
2014-12-22 Robert TivyChange comparison of get_phys() return value to ~(0LL)
2014-12-12 Robert TivyAdd DT processing for CMEM blocks and pools
2014-05-22 Robert TivyBump CMEM_VERSION to 0x04000300 4.00
2014-05-09 Arnie ReynosoAndroid: Added makefiles to build CMEM in AFS environment
2014-05-09 Robert TivyAdd CMEM_cacheWbInvAll() API
2014-04-02 Robert TivyRemove printk() of __FILE__ in intro banner()
2014-01-21 Robert TivyAllow bigger sizes for CMEM_getBlock and CMEM_getPool
2014-01-14 Robert TivyFixes stack corruption for FREEPHYS ioctl()
2014-01-14 Robert TivyAllow cmemk.c's mmap method to map a subset of an alloc...
2014-01-14 Robert TivyAllow pool size to be > 2 GB
2013-12-13 Chris RingDocs: Fix some comments giving doxygen a hard time
2013-12-12 Chris RingCMEM: Minor debug trace fixes
2013-12-12 Chris RingSDOCM00105600: Support 4 blocks by default (was 2)
2013-12-11 Chris RingSDOCM00105476: CMEM user lib has debug hard-enabled
2013-12-11 Chris RingCMEM: Fix debug build warnings
2013-11-21 Chris RingDocs: Fix errant documentation
2013-11-19 Robert TivyChanges for 'make' subsystem to accommodate yocto
2013-11-07 Robert TivyNew APIs to allocate and map separately
2013-11-07 Robert TivyAccommodate Linux kernel removal of 'num_physpages'
2013-11-06 Robert TivyFix for issue preventing phys block spec > 2GB length
2013-10-10 Robert TivyAccomodate changes in new v3.10 kernel trees
2013-07-03 Robert TivyAdd support for CMA-based pools
2013-06-27 Robert TivyChange TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX assignment to be conditional.
2013-06-24 Robert TivyChange HeapMem management to be based on physical addresses
2013-06-14 Robert TivyAdd support for > 32-bit physical address and global...
2013-05-15 Arnie ReynosoRemove automake files not being used
2013-05-15 Chris RingCMEM: Fix copyright/license, branding
2013-05-15 Arnie ReynosoAdded missing autotools configure and helper scripts
2013-05-15 Chris RingCopyright: Added copyright and license statements
2013-05-15 Robert TivyInitial commit