2016-04-06 Veeranna HanchinalCodec Update
2016-03-14 Buddy LiongIntegration with IPC
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongIntegration with IPC, BIOS 6.45, XDC 3.32
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongH.264 Low Latency - sync put_DataFxn to MPU side
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongHandling when MPU crashes, eg. CTRL-C on MPU side.
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongH.264 low latency - IVIDEO_NUMROWS
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongHandling error in ivahd_init
2016-03-01 Buddy LiongMove DEBUG outside Hwi
2016-02-29 Buddy LiongBefore IPU2 crashed, performs crash_reset to reset...
2016-02-24 Veeranna Hanchinal[MPEG2D] Codec Update
2016-02-09 Buddy Liong[H264D] Codec Update
2016-02-09 Buddy Liong[MJPEGD] Codec Update
2016-02-09 Buddy Liong[H264D] Codec Update
2016-01-19 Buddy Liong[MPEG2D] Codec Update
2016-01-19 Buddy Liong[VC1D] Codec Update
2016-01-19 Buddy Liong[H264D] Codec Update
2015-11-17 Buddy Liong[Config] Removal of CE and FC requires line in package.xdc
2015-10-02 Buddy LiongUpdate Makefile to use IPC master
2015-09-21 Buddy LiongUpdate the version on QNX custom resource table
2015-09-21 Buddy LiongFirst ipumm component to public git.ti.com