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2020-01-09 Manu Mathewdoc update
2020-01-09 Manu Mathewdoc update
2019-12-20 Soyeb N Nagori[REL]Release ready code with objProp/num_chop_heads...
2019-12-20 Soyeb N Nagori[REL]Tested inference as well as training for the release.
2019-12-19 Manu Mathewplaced import of propagate_obj under a condition
2019-12-17 Manu Mathewdocs update
2019-12-17 Manu Mathewdisabling chop_num_heads as it seems to be not working
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewbugfix for use_image_list in
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewminor license file update
2019-12-13 Grimsleyfix parameter override by default
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewscripts updated to assert for improper CAFFE_ROOT setti...
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewfix for training on CPU
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewadded batch_size parameter to several training scripts
2019-12-13 Manu Mathewfixing the default model name in train_imagenet_classif...
2018-07-12 Manu Mathewmobilenet object detect - 512 intermediate channels...
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