Makefile.config removed in favor of .example file
[jacinto-ai/caffe-jacinto.git] / .gitignore
2014-02-03 Sergey KarayevMakefile.config removed in favor of .example file
2014-01-25 Evan Shelhamerignore distribute dir
2013-11-26 Yangqing Jiagit ignore
2013-10-01 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiaproto update
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiaim2col
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiachanged the test structure
2013-09-16 Yangqing Jiaexclude precompiled protobuffer
2013-09-13 Yangqing Jiaorganization
2013-09-13 Yangqing Jiarun test when make test.
2013-09-13 Yangqing Jiaa bunch of updates. to be checked on durian. does not...
2013-09-12 Yangqing JiaInitial commit