2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiaeuclidean layer update
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiamnist leveldb data generation
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jialayer more debug msg
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiadata layer: allow scaling and subtraction
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiaconvert scripts
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiadata conversion
2013-09-30 Yangqing Jiasimple forward test
2013-09-29 Yangqing Jiaa bunch of updates.
2013-09-28 Yangqing Jiatest loading from text file
2013-09-28 Yangqing Jiablob cpp bugfix
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiaupdated a bunch of things, ready to test if it breaks...
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiastarted writing solver
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jia blob
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiamore restrictions.
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiamore cpplint
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiacpplint
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiamake caffe.hpp the only header one need
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiaio
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiaxavier filler
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiainner product bugfix
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiaforgot to add the renamed file
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiainner product bugfix: not tested yet
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jiasoftmax bug fix and net testing
2013-09-27 Yangqing Jianet
2013-09-26 Yangqing Jiaa lot of modifications - disallow copy constructors...
2013-09-26 Yangqing Jiamultinomial logistic loss
2013-09-26 Yangqing Jiasoftmax test
2013-09-26 Yangqing Jiabugfix
2013-09-25 Yangqing JiaMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Yangqing/caffe
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiacaffe proto txt
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiasoftmax layer, test to be written
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiatest code log
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jianet cpp working version
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiadata layer modification, and net header
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiapyutil
2013-09-25 Yangqing Jiapython init
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiacpplint
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiarenaming
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiadata layer testing
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiaa few updates
2013-09-24 Yangqing Jiaproto update
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiamore cpplint
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiamore cpplint
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiapylint and code cleaning
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiacopyright message
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiathe previous submit did not include the layer factory...
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jialayer_factory, and misc update
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiapooling layer
2013-09-23 Yangqing Jiapooling layer cpu
2013-09-22 Yangqing JiaUpdate README.md
2013-09-22 Yangqing Jianaming. I might regret it someday.
2013-09-22 Yangqing Jiaminor updates
2013-09-22 Yangqing Jialrn backward
2013-09-21 Yangqing Jialrn layer gpu forward
2013-09-21 Yangqing Jiafixed bug
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jiaconvolution layer. I might have broken something in...
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jialayer implementation now purely in layer.hpp
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jiacode cleaning
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jiaim2col works
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jiawording
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jiaim2col: using cpu for now.
2013-09-20 Yangqing Jianon-working version
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiaim2col backward gpu
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiaim2col
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiamakefile
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiabugfix for lrn
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiamakefile bugfix
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiachanged the test structure
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiaminor update
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiaexhaustive test mode
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiagradient
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiarenaming
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jialrn forward
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiafix
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiafix test: skip if gpu version too low
2013-09-19 Yangqing Jiapadding layer cuda code, need debug
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiainner product
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiainner product forward backward
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiaupdate
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiaupdate
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiabugfix
2013-09-18 Yangqing JiaMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Yangqing/caffeine
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiagemm util
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiaupdates
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jianaming
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiaworking version
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiacomment out debug log
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiafigured out the bug - it's curand
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiaembarassing bugfix
2013-09-18 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiaworking gradient check
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiagradient check test
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc udpate
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc update
2013-09-17 Yangqing Jiamisc update