2020-10-08 Manu Mathewdocumentation update master
2020-10-07 Manu Mathewmodels and results updated
2020-09-14 Manu Mathewchanges to support latest mmdetection
2020-09-09 Manu Mathewusage doc update explaining PYTHONPATH
2020-09-08 Manu Mathewconfigs cleanup and simplification, doc update, 120...
2020-09-05 Manu Mathewfix for qat, updates from latest mmdetection
2020-08-12 Manu Mathewdoc and script updates
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewmmcv has change the lr_updater name to CosineAnnealing...
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewminor documentation update
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewscripts and docs updated
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewonnx export is now a separate script
2020-08-04 Manu Mathewdoc, config updates
2020-08-04 Manu Mathewlr for quantization updated
2020-08-01 Manu Mathewreduced lr to 2e-2
2020-07-30 Manu Mathewincreasing the batch size in ssd_resnet to match other...
2020-07-28 Manu Mathewbypass color augumentations in qat as they alter the...
2020-07-28 Manu Mathewdocs update, minor config fix
2020-07-27 Manu Mathewconfig updates
2020-07-23 Manu Mathewconfig files updated
2020-07-21 Manu Mathewdocs update
2020-07-21 Manu Mathewmodel zoo update in progress
2020-07-21 Manu Mathewconfig file updates
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewquantize fixes
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewcorrecting the config file
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewdoc update
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewmodelzoo doc update
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewdoc update
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewretinanet-lite_regnet_fpn config
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewconfig file updates
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewssd modelzoo updated
2020-07-20 Manu Mathewdoc update and minor script update
2020-07-18 Manu Mathewdoc update
2020-07-18 Manu Mathewdocumentation update
2020-07-18 Manu Mathewchanging retinanet_resnet_fpn config to use bilinear...
2020-07-18 Manu Mathewminor fix in config
2020-07-18 Manu Mathewremoved duplicate license file
2020-07-17 Manu Mathewssd like augumentation for gfl-lite
2020-07-17 Manu Mathewtrying to add gfl-lite
2020-07-17 Manu Mathewretinanet model export support
2020-07-17 Manu Mathewssd and retinanet now uses keep_ratio False
2020-07-17 Manu Mathewconfig files updated
2020-07-16 Manu Mathewupdated main scripts
2020-07-16 Manu Mathewsetting keep_ratio to False in all configs
2020-07-16 Manu Mathewfix for onnx model export
2020-07-16 Manu Mathewbifpn updated, config files updated
2020-07-15 Manu Mathewchanging fpn add_extra_convs='on_input' which is the...
2020-07-15 Manu Mathewconfigs updated
2020-07-15 Manu Mathewssd with bifpn config
2020-07-15 Manu Mathewconfig file update
2020-07-15 Manu Mathewconfig files updated
2020-07-13 Manu Mathewscript fixes
2020-07-13 Manu Mathewupdated due to restructuring in mmdet
2020-06-24 Manu Mathewbipfn and scripts updated
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewbifpn config file for retinanet
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewbifpn modifications
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewbifpn modifications
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewplanning to try BiFPN
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewtrying without multi scale training, and original loss/wd
2020-06-23 Manu Mathewminor docs correction
2020-06-22 Manu Mathewtrying out a variant of inloop fpn
2020-06-22 Manu Mathewretinenet config being experimented
2020-06-22 Manu Mathewretinanet fcos configs, minor cleanup
2020-06-21 Manu Mathewretinanet and fcos configs fixed
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewseperated schedule into a seperate config file
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewclean fix for using Mobilenet and RegNet style convolut...
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewmodelzoo - doc errors corrected
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewbugfix in anchor generator for SSD modification
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewupdated SSD Anchor generator and config files
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewmodel zoo documentation updated
2020-06-20 Manu Mathewdocumentation update
2020-06-19 Manu Mathewnow works with externally installed mmdetection
2020-06-19 Manu Mathewdocumentation added
2020-06-19 Manu Mathewextension of mmdetection - does not modify mmdet, but...