descriptionJacinto - Deep Learning/CNN Object Detection Training. Please see the documentation in the about tab.
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2020-10-08 Manu Mathewdocumentation update master
2020-10-07 Manu Mathewmodels and results updated
2020-09-14 Manu Mathewchanges to support latest mmdetection
2020-09-09 Manu Mathewusage doc update explaining PYTHONPATH
2020-09-08 Manu Mathewconfigs cleanup and simplification, doc update, 120...
2020-09-05 Manu Mathewfix for qat, updates from latest mmdetection
2020-08-12 Manu Mathewdoc and script updates
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewmmcv has change the lr_updater name to CosineAnnealing...
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewminor documentation update
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewscripts and docs updated
2020-08-05 Manu Mathewonnx export is now a separate script
2020-08-04 Manu Mathewdoc, config updates
2020-08-04 Manu Mathewlr for quantization updated
2020-08-01 Manu Mathewreduced lr to 2e-2
2020-07-30 Manu Mathewincreasing the batch size in ssd_resnet to match other...
2020-07-28 Manu Mathewbypass color augumentations in qat as they alter the...
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