2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: add support for 0x66 operand prefix master
2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: move flags to struct parse_context
2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: fix accidental clears of bits in registers
2019-06-07 Andrej Utzpyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: fix IVDM memory region defin...
2019-06-06 Jan Kiszkax86: vtd: Use proper MMIO_ERROR instead of -1
2019-05-23 Yasser Shalabix86: Update CR4 reserved bits to include Intel Protecti...
2019-05-23 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Catch and report exceptions
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Add 32-bit interrupt support
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Refactor interrupt handler
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Register IDT during setup
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkaconfigs: x86: Make Comm Region writable in all configs
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerinmates: x86: consolidate register definitions
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpci: use new PCI_CAP_ID_ definitions from pci_defs.h
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: let the generator produce speaking names...
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: implement a helper class ExtendedEnum
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: rearrange ext PCI cap evalua...
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpci, config: add more magic extended caps constants
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpci, configs: unmystify magic constants
2019-05-12 Hakkı KurumahmutScripts: Fix for Parsing DMAR Region under Reserved...
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerinmates: x86: AMD: use the correct vmmcall instruction
2019-05-08 Ralf RamsauerDocumentation: x86: test-device: document the test...
2019-05-07 Ralf RamsauerDocumentation: debug-output: fix typo
2019-05-07 Ralf Ramsauerconfigs: define ARRAY_SIZE in cell-config.h
2019-05-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: test-device: rename comm_base to mmio_base
2019-05-07 Jan Kiszkakbuild: Set our own KBUILD_AFLAGS for hypervisor and...
2019-05-05 Jan Kiszkainmates: apic-demo: Use polling idle to avoid latency...
2019-05-05 Jan Kiszkainmates: apic-demo: Plug race around message evaluation
2019-05-05 Jan KiszkaREADME: Link cosmetics
2019-05-05 Jan Kiszkainmates: Fix RIP-relative test mmio-access
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkax86: ioapic: Simplify ioapic_mask_cell_pins
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkax86: ioapic: Move edge interrupt injection at the end...
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkapci: Move MSI vector injection to the end of suppression
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkapci: Call arch_pci_suppress_msi also on re-enabling
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkapci: Only call pci_suppress_msix() for root cell
2019-04-28 Jan Kiszkapci: Refactor loops in pci_prepare_handover and pci_con...
2019-04-26 Jan Kiszkaci: Work around incomplete ca-chain of scan.coverity.com
2019-04-16 Lokesh Vutlaconfigs: k3-am654: Add linux inmate demo dts
2019-04-16 Lokesh Vutlaconfigs: inmates: k3-am654: Add linux inmate demo confi...
2019-04-16 Lokesh Vutlaconfigs: inmates: k3-am654: Add gic and uart demo confi...
2019-04-16 Lokesh Vutlaconfigs: k3-am654: Add root cell configuration
2019-04-10 Jan KiszkaReplicate and re-license printk-core
2019-04-08 Jan Kiszkaci: Update travis rules
2019-04-08 Jan Kiszkaarm-common: gic-v3: Forward pending SGIs to virtual...
2019-04-08 Jan Kiszkaarm-common: gic-v2: Forward pending SGIs to virtual...
2019-04-01 Henning Schildconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: adjust memory flags for...
2019-04-01 Henning Schildconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: move IVSHMEM region to...
2019-04-01 Henning Schildconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: remove mem region numbering
2019-04-01 Andrej Utzpyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: Fix wrong IVRS device ID...
2019-04-01 Jan Kiszkatools: hardware-check: Fix duplicate variable name...
2019-03-24 Jan Kiszkatools: hardware-check: Fine-tune hardware events test
2019-03-24 Jan Kiszkatools: hardware-check: Make msr setup Intel-only
2019-03-24 Jan Kiszkapyjailhouse: Take root_dir into account when reading...
2019-03-24 Ralf Ramsauerarm-common: smccc: fix missing break statement
2019-03-24 michael.g.hinton... hardware check: Catch errors opening /dev/mem during...
2019-03-12 Peng Fanarm64: correct macro name
2019-02-21 Flynn Xudriver: pci: Fix refcount leak
2019-02-15 Peng Fanarm64: bitops: fix test_and_set_bit
2019-01-30 Andreas Messerschmidconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: Add linux inmate demo dts
2019-01-30 Andreas Messerschmidconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: Add linux inmate demo...
2019-01-30 Andreas Messerschmidconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: Add GIC demo inmate config...
2019-01-30 Andreas Messerschmidconfigs: miriac-sbc-ls1046a: Add root cell configuration
2019-01-27 Jan Kiszkax86: vtd: Ignore lower two bits when evaluating VTD_REQ...
2019-01-24 Jan KiszkaTODO: Remove some resolved items
2019-01-24 Jan Kiszkapyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: Fix msix_address calculation
2019-01-24 Jan Kiszkatools, pyjailhouse: Fix offline mode of config generator
2019-01-13 Henning Schildcore: Update comment according to recent change
2019-01-06 Jan Kiszkaconfigs: Add Ultra96 board
2019-01-06 Jan KiszkaDocumentation: Replace remaining JAILHOUSE_CELL_DEBUG_C...
2019-01-06 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: account SMC fast path
2019-01-06 Ralf Ramsauerarm-common: crash cell on unhandled SMC traps
2019-01-06 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: implement a fast path for the Spectre v2 workaround
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm-common: implement SMCCC feature discovery
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: Mitigate CVE 2017-5715 (aka Spectre v2)
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: Initialise SMCCC backend
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm, arm64: add stubs for SMC calls
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: introduce macro helpers that generate irq vectors
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: remove arch_handle_exit
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: traps: refactor arch_dump_exit to arch_el2_abt
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: Don't call vmreturn from arch_handle_exit
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: move vmexit_total increase to assembly
2019-01-04 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: reorder store of registers in exit path
2018-12-20 Ralf Ramsauerarm-common: rework psci interface
2018-12-19 Ralf Ramsauerarm64: microoptimise exit path
2018-11-16 Jan KiszkaCONTRIBUTING: Fix a typo and clarify statement
2018-11-13 Ralf Ramsauerarm, arm64: use proper return types for traps
2018-11-13 Ralf Ramsauerarm, arm64: consolidate traps.h
2018-11-10 Jan Kiszkaconfigs: orangepi0: Permit access to another clock
2018-10-21 Ralf Ramsauerarm-common: account for SMC exits
2018-10-17 Jan Kiszkax86: Fix CONFIG_CRASH_CELL_ON_PANIC
2018-10-15 Jan Kiszkatools: cell-stats: Visualize also CPU-specific statistics
2018-10-15 Jan Kiszkadriver: Add per-cpu statistics
2018-10-12 Jan Kiszkadriver: Prepare for per-cpu statistics
2018-10-11 Jan Kiszkatools: cell-stats: Filter on statistic entries
2018-10-11 Jan Kiszkax86, driver: Add MSR_X2APIC_ISR exit counter
2018-10-11 Jan Kiszkax86: Push MSR statistic down to the dispatching points
2018-10-11 Jan Kiszkax86: vmx: Use local variable for stats in vcpu_handle_exit
2018-10-11 Jan Kiszkax86, driver: Prepare for finer-grained MSR exist statistics
2018-10-10 Claudio Scordinotsc_read() renamed tsc_read_ns() to avoid misunderstand...
2018-10-08 Jan Kiszkax86: Clarify and improve rejection of NMI IPIs
2018-10-08 Jan Kiszkadriver: x86: Catch unsupported assignment of CPU 0...