descriptionProject for TI Jailhouse Core SDK repos This code is GPL v2.
last changeFri, 7 Jun 2019 11:42:16 +0000 (13:42 +0200)
2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: add support for 0x66 operand prefix master
2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: move flags to struct parse_context
2019-06-07 Ralf Ramsauerx86: mmio: fix accidental clears of bits in registers
2019-06-07 Andrej Utzpyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: fix IVDM memory region defin...
2019-06-06 Jan Kiszkax86: vtd: Use proper MMIO_ERROR instead of -1
2019-05-23 Yasser Shalabix86: Update CR4 reserved bits to include Intel Protecti...
2019-05-23 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Catch and report exceptions
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Add 32-bit interrupt support
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Refactor interrupt handler
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkainmates: x86: Register IDT during setup
2019-05-15 Jan Kiszkaconfigs: x86: Make Comm Region writable in all configs
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerinmates: x86: consolidate register definitions
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpci: use new PCI_CAP_ID_ definitions from pci_defs.h
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: let the generator produce speaking names...
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: implement a helper class ExtendedEnum
2019-05-12 Ralf Ramsauerpyjailhouse: sysfs_parser: rearrange ext PCI cap evalua...
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