Bump up version to 0.2
[k3conf/k3conf.git] / common / help.c
2020-11-12 Lokesh Vutlatreewide: Replace http links with https
2020-11-04 Nikhil Devshatwarcmd: dump: Add support for dump rm command
2020-11-04 Nikhil Devshatwarcmd: show: Add support for show rm command
2019-09-11 Lokesh Vutlasoc_info: Add user argument to provide host id
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: read/write: Add support for read and write operations
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: set: Add support for set command
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: disable: Add support for disable command
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: enable: Add support for enable command
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: cpuinfo: Add support for printing cpuinfo
2019-08-26 Lokesh Vutlacmd: dump: Add support for dump command
2019-08-25 Lokesh Vutlacmd: show: Add support for show command
2019-08-25 Lokesh Vutlak3conf: Initial commit