boot-monitor: fix build warning using gcc 4.9 tool chain
[keystone-linux/boot-monitor.git] / sec /
2015-08-06 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: fix build warning using gcc 4.9 tool... master
2015-06-05 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: don't set fast-boot for ARM0 core K2_BM_15.07
2015-03-09 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: rework to support secondary CPU fast...
2014-08-22 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: set L2ACTLR.8 bit K2_BM_14.09
2014-07-17 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: add workaround for stream performance... K2_BM_14.07
2014-06-09 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: set NSACR.NS_SMP bit K2_BM_14.06
2014-05-28 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix power on and power off sequence
2014-05-27 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: add and use PSCI definitions
2014-05-27 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: disable SMP bit on power on
2014-05-14 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: add support of the PSCI_CPU_OFF API
2014-05-14 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix powering down cpu sequence
2014-05-14 Hao Zhangboot monitor: add support for k2l and k2e devices.
2013-10-21 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: enable ECC and parity enable bit for... K2_BM_13.11
2013-08-29 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: fix the clobber list
2013-08-21 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix poweron and poweroff functions
2013-07-11 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: add changes for errata 799270 and 798870
2013-05-06 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: fix MPU settings to provide user space...
2013-04-29 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: update MPU settings for user mode access
2013-04-16 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: adding conditional compile for simulator...
2013-04-16 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: updates for ARM errata 763126
2013-04-03 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: set ACTLR.smp bit
2013-02-22 Murali Karicheri[temp] boot-monitor: add MPU settings to allow user...
2013-02-20 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: disable debug printouts
2013-02-20 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: using arch_timer frequency that is passed...
2013-02-20 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: add skern_putbyte() and skern_putui(...
2013-01-31 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: update for configuring A15 for vfp, l2...
2013-01-28 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: update L2 cache latency values
2013-01-28 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: update License information
2013-01-18 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: set arch timer frequency register
2013-01-11 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: sec: add monitor code and power on/off...