descriptionSoftware projects enabling TI KeyStone architecture using Linux as operating system - Boot Monitor software provides secure privilege level execution service for Linux kernel code running on KeyStone SOCs.
last changeThu, 6 Aug 2015 15:21:39 +0000 (11:21 -0400)
2015-08-06 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: fix build warning using gcc 4.9 tool... master
2015-08-04 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix makefile to support multiple jobs
2015-06-05 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: don't set fast-boot for ARM0 core K2_BM_15.07
2015-05-15 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: fix up makedefs for yocto build
2015-05-15 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: add pre-built binary to support pre pg2...
2015-03-09 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: rework to support secondary CPU fast...
2014-08-22 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: set L2ACTLR.8 bit K2_BM_14.09
2014-07-17 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: add workaround for stream performance... K2_BM_14.07
2014-06-18 Murali Karicheriboot-monitor: clean up images for clean target
2014-06-09 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: set NSACR.NS_SMP bit K2_BM_14.06
2014-05-28 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix power on and power off sequence
2014-05-27 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: add and use PSCI definitions
2014-05-27 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: disable SMP bit on power on
2014-05-14 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: add support of the PSCI_CPU_OFF API
2014-05-14 Vitaly Andrianovboot-monitor: fix powering down cpu sequence
2014-05-14 Hao Zhangboot monitor: add support for k2l and k2e devices.
5 years ago K2_BM_15.07 Initial rc for MCSDK 3.1.4
6 years ago K2_BM_14.09 Release tag for MCSDK 3.1.1
6 years ago K2_BM_14.07 Tag for MCSDK 3.1.0
6 years ago K2_BM_14.06 Tag for mcsdk 3.1.0 build #0
7 years ago K2_BM_13.11 Tag for MCSDK 3.0.3 release
5 years ago master