Fix issue: Engine_pkcs11 reports all object ID:s as zero
[keystone-linux/engine-pkcs11.git] / src / engine_pkcs11.c
2015-02-24 Antti LyytinenFix issue: Engine_pkcs11 reports all object ID:s as... master DEV.ENGINE_PKCS11-
2014-12-10 Antti LyytinenSecure storage #3 DEV.ENGINE_PKCS11-
2014-04-09 Sandeep NairAdd certificate enumeration API
2013-08-23 Sandeep NairAvoid PIN wipeout during context free
2013-08-16 Sajesh Kumar Sarancalling pkcs11_finish for local contexts
2013-05-02 Sandeep NairFix memory leak in load_cert_ctrl
2013-01-17 Sandeep NairAdded example to demonstarte engine usage
2013-01-17 Sandeep NairFix memory leaks due to strdup
2013-01-16 Sandeep NairTake care of strtok bugs
2013-01-15 Sandeep NairMake load_cert & store_cert parameters compatible
2013-01-05 Sajesh Kumar Saranpkcs11 engine update from softhsm
2013-01-04 Sajesh Kumar SaranEngine PKCS#11 initial commit