2020-02-12 Sam Nelson SMerge pull request #11 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr... master
2020-02-12 Denys Dmytriyenkompmdlif.c: don't suppress kernel <linux/types.h> inclusion
2020-02-12 Denys Dmytriyenkompmdlif.c: don't hardcode kernel's "uapi" location...
2018-10-22 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #10 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr... DEV.MPM-
2018-10-22 SrinivasPRSDK-4924: Fixes build issue cause my incorrect header...
2018-06-15 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #9 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr...
2018-06-12 Madan SrinivasUpdates copyright info
2018-04-24 Madan SrinivasFixes typos in uart log msg
2018-04-19 Madan SrinivasMoves dsp boot test to K2 folder for clarity
2018-04-19 Madan SrinivasAdds simple dsp-boot test
2018-04-13 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #4 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr...
2018-04-12 Madan SrinivasMakefile: PLSDK-1997: Fixes issue with clean
2017-08-09 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #3 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr... DEV.MPM- DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2017-08-09 Sam Nelsontest: Update memory map to match device-tree
2017-06-08 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #2 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr... DEV.MPM-
2017-06-02 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Update to support assymetric endian with slave...
2017-06-02 Sam Nelsonuioutils: Remove uioutils: not used
2016-12-16 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/multiprocmgr... DEV.MPM-
2016-12-15 Sam NelsonMakefile: Update to allow parallel build
2016-12-15 Sam Nelsonmpm: Remove compiler warnings
2016-12-15 Sam Nelsondaemon: Add handling of scratch through CMEM buffer
2016-11-14 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Need to switch back to use of whole address...
2016-03-03 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Remove unused code DEV.MPM-
2016-03-03 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Update to combine rproc setstate and reset...
2016-02-29 Sam Nelsondocs: Update version number and documentation
2016-02-29 Sam Nelsonmpmsrv: Update to make the mpmsrv stop to work
2015-12-15 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'linux41' DEV.MPM-
2015-12-05 Sam Nelsonversion: Update version to linux41 DEV.MPM-
2015-12-03 Sam Nelsonmpmsrv: Update startup script with the correct pid...
2015-12-03 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Update reset sequence based on update in kerne...
2015-11-25 Sam Nelsondebian: Update to new version DEV.MPM-
2015-11-25 Sam Nelsonfiletestdemo; update scripts to make number of cores...
2015-11-16 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Update to definition change in the keystone...
2015-11-12 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Add code to handle change in remoteproc drivers DEV.MPM-
2015-11-12 Sam Nelsonsecmgr: Update code for new uio driver
2015-09-29 Sam Nelsonmpm: Update timeout to 10 sec DEV.MPM-
2015-09-28 Sam Nelsonmpm: Change to adapt to Kernel 4.1 :new keystone_remote... DEV.MPM-
2015-09-27 Sam Nelsonmpm: Pass server errors to client DEV.MPM-
2015-09-27 Sam Nelsonmpmservice: Add 2 sec timeout instead of 0
2015-09-27 Sam Nelsonmpmclient: Fix issue with open if condition DEV.MPM-
2015-09-23 Sam Nelsonmpmservice: Correct syntax error DEV.MPM-
2015-09-22 Sam Nelsonmpm: init peripheral to add tx-only
2015-08-31 Sam Nelsonsockutils: Add error check if calloc fails DEV.MPM-
2015-07-28 Sam Nelsondebian: Update version in change log and build script
2015-07-27 Sam Nelsonfiletestdemo: Fix issue in handling dsp bits
2015-07-23 Sam Nelsonmpmlog: Update log level to mpminfo
2015-05-06 Sam Nelsonversion: Update to new verion DEV.MPM- DEV.MPM-
2015-04-23 Sam Nelsonuioutils: Increase MAX length to allow size of string...
2015-04-23 Sam Nelsonmpmcoredump: Update to skip zero length no load sections
2015-04-18 Sam Nelsonmpmcoredump: Skip note section when counting no load...
2015-04-18 Sam Nelsonmpmcordump: Update core dump to also add NOLOAD sections
2015-03-18 Sam Nelsonmpm: Update build script DEV.MPM-
2015-03-18 Sam Nelsonmpm: Update version number handling
2015-03-18 Sam Nelsonmpm: Update version number to
2014-12-11 Sam Nelsonmpm: Remove code trying to execute code on target for...
2014-12-02 Ivan PangSSM: added missing state in running state DEV.MPM-
2014-11-19 Sam Nelsonversion: Update version to
2014-11-15 Sam Nelsondebian: updatge version to DEV.MPM-
2014-11-13 Sam Nelsondebian: Increment change log DEV.MPM-
2014-11-13 Sam Nelsonuioutils: Fix bug in handling uio number
2014-10-11 Ivan Pangfilelist: corrected debian/format to debian/source... DEV.MPM-
2014-10-10 Ivan Pangre-added exe permission for .sh files
2014-10-10 Ivan Pangupdated changelog #, placed debian/source/format file...
2014-10-10 Ivan PangVersion update to
2014-10-09 Ivan PangDebian: update align with canonical
2014-10-09 Sam Nelsonmpmssm: Fix issue with setting incorrect state
2014-10-01 Sam Nelsonfilelist: Update filelist with debian changes DEV.MPM-
2014-09-28 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-17 Sam Nelsondaemon: Update MPM download timeout value
2014-08-26 Ivan PangDebian update for trusty DEV.MPM-
2014-08-22 Ivan Pangmpmdlif.c: fixed leaked file descriptor during loading DEV.MPM-
2014-08-14 Ivan updated version
2014-08-14 Ivan PangDebian: updated version
2014-08-14 Ivan PangWorkaround for v3.13 by grabbing offset from proc entry
2014-08-05 Ivan Pangfilelist: updated to add mpmservice.c DEV.MPM-
2014-08-04 Sam Nelsonmcsdk_3.1.x: Update mpm version origin/master ext/master DEV.MPM-
2014-07-31 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of DEV.MPM-
2014-07-31 Sam Nelsonmpminit: Correct typo LOG_APPEND
2014-07-31 Ivan PangUpdated debian to
2014-07-30 Ivan PangMerge in changes from origin/master
2014-07-30 Ivan PangFixed missing break-statement in switch cases
2014-07-20 Ivan Pangremoved CSL references, now uses mpm-transport library...
2014-07-08 Sam Nelsonmpmdlif: Update secure status check code DEV.MPM-
2014-07-07 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-07 Sam Nelsonmpm: Add code to support secure device download
2014-07-04 Ivan PangInitial push to add hyperlink peripheral control
2014-07-03 Sam Nelsonmpm_version: Change version in build script
2014-07-01 Sam Nelsondebian: Update version
2014-07-01 Ulisesmpmdlif: Shared address changes necessary for gdb server
2014-06-20 Sam Nelsonmpmssm: Added missing break statement
2014-04-06 Sam Nelsondebian: Update change log DEV.MPM-
2014-04-06 Sam Nelsondebian: Update dependencies
2014-04-04 Jacob StifflerFixed test scripts.
2014-04-02 Jacob StifflerAdd sync_test binaries to release package.
2014-03-21 Sam NelsonMakefile: Add proper dependencies on library build
2014-03-18 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-18 Sam Nelsonmpm: Improvements to work with c++
2014-03-17 Jacob StifflerFixed unit test warnings nad linking pthread with sync_...
2014-03-14 Jacob StifflerAdded sync_test.
2014-03-11 Jacob StifflerAdded filetestdemo unittest.