descriptionSoftware projects enabling TI KeyStone architecture using Linux as operating system - This component provides closed-loop control of the Smart Reflex sub system when temperature control is enabled.
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2015-02-09 Hao Zhangdocs: add software call flow and performance to UG master DEV.SRSS-TC-
2015-02-04 Hao Zhangdocs: update SRSS User's Guide to add VCNTL interface... DEV.SRSS-TC-
2014-12-05 Hao Zhangsrss: add software user's guide DEV.SRSS-TC-
2014-12-04 Hao Zhangsrss: add capability to save log info to a file DEV.SRSS-TC-
2014-12-04 Hao Zhangsrss: fix coverity issues.
2014-11-25 Hao Zhangsrss: SRSS C0 with temperature compensation
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