descriptionSoftware projects enabling TI KeyStone architecture using Linux as operating system - U-boot tree for KeyStone SOCs with ARM Cortex-A15.
last changeTue, 17 Jan 2017 20:29:16 +0000 (14:29 -0600)
2017-01-17 Tom Rinivsprintf.c: Always enable CONFIG_SYS_VSNPRINTF master
2016-10-18 Michael Scherbankeystone2: enable glitchless bypass for K2L devices
2016-09-29 Michael Scherbankeystone2: enable ARM glitchless bypass before programm...
2016-06-29 Michael Scherbankeystone: net: Force poweroff of NetCP domains
2016-06-28 Michael Scherbankeystone2: fix typo in divider programming sequence
2015-07-13 Vitaly Andrianovks2: remove global variables from ddr3 initialization K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.07_01
2015-07-08 Vitaly Andrianovk2e: fix get_ddr_seg_num function K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.07
2015-06-10 Vitaly Andrianovkeystone2: set uinitrd_fixup env variable by default
2015-06-05 Vitaly Andrianovkeystone: net: workaround to resolve a PA RX path issue
2015-03-25 Vitaly Andrianovks2: use ddr3a_size variable to limit detected ddr3a...
2015-03-11 Murali KaricheriRevert "k2hk: enable CONFIG_MCAST_TFTP for k2hk evm" K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02_02
2015-03-10 WingMan Kwokks2: post: add delay to starting POST
2015-03-09 WingMan Kwokks2: post: only initialize sgmii for 1G ports in loopba...
2015-03-09 WingMan Kwokkeystone2: restore previous i2c bus number
2015-03-06 Vitaly Andrianovks2: post: fix eeprom test hang issue K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02_01
2015-02-04 Vitaly Andrianovk2e: use SPD data to configure K2E DDR3 K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02
5 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.07_01 for MCSDK 3.1.4 release
5 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.07 Initial rc for MCSDK 3.1.4
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02_02 Tag for MCSDK 3.1.3 rc
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02_01 drop #1 tag for MCSDK 3.1.3
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_15.02 Tag for MCSDK 3.1.3
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.12_02 Tag #02 for MCSDK 3.1.2
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.12_01 Tag #01 for MCSDK 3.1.2
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.12 MCSDK 3.1.2 release tag
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.09 Release tag for MCSDK 3.1.1 RC0
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.07 Tag for MCSDK 3.1.0
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.06 Tag for mcsdk 3.1.0 Alpha build #0
6 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.05 bug fixes for May.2014
7 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.03_03 updates for DDR3 ECC support
7 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.03_02 final rc tag for mcsdk 3.0.4
7 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013_01_14.03_01 updates for mcsdk 3.0.4
7 years ago K2_UBOOT_2013-01_14.02 tag for feb.2014 bug fixes, features
4 years ago master
6 years ago upstream/next
6 years ago upstream/k2e_net
6 years ago upstream/k2e
7 years ago v2013.01/rio-dev-dio