2017-09-07 Sam SiluvaimaniMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/uio-module-drv... master DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2017-09-07 Hongmei Gouprussdrv_test:interface: move UIO_INTERRUPT_ONE_SHOT_MO...
2017-09-06 Hongmei Gouprussdrv_test: add support for K2G with edge interrupts
2017-06-05 Hongmei Gouprussdrv_test: add support for am43xx
2017-03-23 Sam Nelsonprussdrv: Update the default interrupt handling to...
2016-09-26 Sam NelsonDocumentation: Add ti,uio-module-drv kernel device...
2016-06-15 Sam Nelsontest: Add new generic test code
2016-06-15 Sam Nelsontest: pruss test: Minor cleanup of printfs
2016-06-15 Sam Nelsontest: Update to pruss interface and cleanup
2016-06-13 Sam Nelsontest: Update compile warnings for pruss_uio_test
2016-06-13 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Fix typo on error message
2016-06-10 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Update to change read/write API
2016-06-09 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Cleanup on MAP defines
2016-06-09 Sam Nelsontest: Update makefile reference to keystone
2016-06-03 Sam Nelsontest: Update pruss_uio_test to take input parameters
2016-06-03 Sam Nelsontest: Some cleanup of prussdrv code
2016-06-02 Sam Nelsontest: Add test code for prussdrv_test
2016-05-17 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Add power management operations
2016-05-16 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Allow whole page to be mapped
2016-05-12 Sam Nelsontest: Remove unwanted binary files
2016-05-10 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Add sysfs entries with attributes
2016-05-10 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Add support for dts entries with parent...
2015-11-11 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Update driver with enhancements linux4.1
2015-07-31 Sam Nelsondebian: Update execute permission for debian files
2015-07-28 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debian version
2015-07-28 Sam Nelsontest: update makefile to remove K2H dependency
2015-07-28 Sam Nelsondebian: Update change log
2015-07-28 Sam Nelsontest: Update to enable profile using EMUCNT
2015-07-13 Sam Nelsondebian: Update changelog
2015-05-15 Sam Nelsontest: Add fflush to send prints immedietly
2015-05-13 Sam Nelsonuio_test: Add code to print interrupt stats non-interac...
2015-05-04 Sam Nelsonuio test: Add cic2 interrupt test
2015-04-13 Sam Nelsondebian: Update version for debian
2015-04-02 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Add spin lock protection to avoid race...
2015-03-18 Sam Nelsondebian: Update change log
2014-12-23 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Update alignment of addresses
2014-12-17 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Update to avoid potential overflow.
2014-11-20 Sam Nelsondebian: Update version to
2014-11-20 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: remove debug printk
2014-11-20 Martijn de... uio-module-drv: Add support for .llseek
2014-10-08 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debian files
2014-10-06 Sam Nelsondebian: Update versions
2014-10-06 Sam Nelsondebian: Update changelog
2014-09-29 Sam Nelsondebian: Update change log and comment
2014-09-10 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debian files based on feedback from...
2014-05-01 Sam Nelsontmp_checkin: Add qmss test code.
2014-05-01 Sam Nelsontest: Add test code for interrupts
2014-05-01 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Add interrupt mode
2014-01-25 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Correct error in mmap range check
2014-01-24 Sam Nelsondebian: correct Kernel source name
2014-01-23 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debain files
2014-01-23 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: include slab.h
2014-01-23 Sam Nelsondebian: Update dkms.conf
2014-01-23 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-23 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debian files
2014-01-23 Sam Nelsondebian: Update debian files
2014-01-21 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Update handling of mmap range check
2014-01-20 Sam Nelsondebian: Update ppa version
2014-01-17 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Add proper check for clk
2014-01-16 Sam Nelsonuio_module_drv: Add check for optional clock parameter.
2014-01-06 Sam Nelsondkms: Update dkms conf
2014-01-03 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Update Makefile and add LICENSE file
2013-12-17 Sam Nelsonuio-module-drv: Add debian files
2013-12-14 Sam Nelsonuio-module_drv: Initial checkin