2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-08-02 Mahesh RadhakrishnanMerge pull request #4 in PROCESSOR-SDK/aif2-lld from... DEV.AIF2LLD.
2019-01-10 Mahesh RadhakrishnanCATREQ-2702: Descoping c6x big endian
2018-11-02 Mahesh RadhakrishnanMerge pull request #3 in PROCESSOR-SDK/aif2-lld from... DEV.AIF2LLD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2018-10-29 M V Pratap... PRSDK-4300: Corrected XDC package version
2018-07-17 Mahesh RadhakrishnanMerge pull request #2 in PROCESSOR-SDK/aif2-lld from... DEV.AIF2LLD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2018-07-17 M V Pratap... Updated version in release notes
2018-07-17 M V Pratap... Updated year in copyright banner
2018-07-17 M V Pratap... Documentation and version updates for procsdk 5.0 release
2018-07-02 Raghu NambiathMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/aif2-lld from...
2018-07-02 Sinthu Raja MPRSDK-2194 Added RULES_MAKE macro
2015-12-15 Hao Zhangaif2: update RN and aif2ver.h for release DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-12-10 Hao Zhangaif2: k2: rename test project name to contain "C66"
2015-11-02 Aravind Batniadd device define in compile time for correct CSL includes
2015-11-02 Aravind Batniupdated the build to accept SECTTI variable
2015-10-08 Aravind Batnialign to processor SDK CSL changes
2015-07-13 Sebastien Tomaskeep only the TI Copyright in this SPI FPGA SCBP access... DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-06-11 Sebastien Tomasfix for SDOCM00116369
2015-06-10 Sebastien Tomaschanges after reviewing doxygen documentation DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-06-10 Sebastien Tomasfix to build for yocto (bitbake) DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-06-10 Sebastien Tomasremoving internal docs"
2015-06-10 Sebastien Tomasdocumentation updates DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-06-09 Benjamin Mouchardadd example for multirate dual mode in the doc
2015-06-09 Sebastien Tomasdoc updates
2015-06-09 Sebastien Tomasdoc updates
2015-06-08 Benjamin Mouchardmanual merge
2015-06-08 Benjamin Mouchardfix for the dualmode one link scenario
2015-06-08 Sebastien Tomasfixing ARM compilation DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-06-08 Sebastien Tomascompleted import of CSL FL into the LLD and migrated...
2015-06-01 Sebastien Tomasnot enabling secure bios by default DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-05-26 Benjamin Mouchardmerge
2015-05-26 Benjamin Mouchardadd fix for dual lte multirate
2015-05-22 Sebastien Tomasadding arm makefiles to the lld package DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-05-22 Sebastien Tomasupdating documentation for
2015-05-22 Sebastien Tomasfix following run of the test suite
2015-05-22 Sebastien Tomasstep 2 for the migration of the LLD to ARM Linux as...
2015-05-20 Sebastien Tomasstep 1 for the migration of the LLD to ARM Linux as...
2015-05-20 Sebastien Tomaschanged the rtwp function prototype
2015-05-11 Sebastien Tomasapi doc updated DEV.AIF2LLD.
2015-03-09 Sebastien Tomasfix for timer trigger in case of Hawking and Cpri relay
2015-01-26 Benjamin MouchardMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-26 Benjamin Mouchardupdated AIF2 LLD documentation with multi rate support
2015-01-20 Sebastien Tomasfix for non-regression test suite on dual EVM6670
2015-01-19 Benjamin Mouchardfix for bacward compatibility with multirate link
2015-01-16 Benjamin Mouchardadd support for one link multi rate scenario into AIF2LLD
2015-01-02 Benjamin MouchardMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-02 Benjamin Mouchardfix for cpri loss
2014-11-26 Sebastien Tomasversion and documentation update for release DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-11-21 Sebastien Tomasaddition OSAL functions for RM module
2014-11-13 Sebastien Tomasadding missing pragmas for code and data to help memory... DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-10-20 Sebastien Tomasdoc updates for release v1.1.0.4 DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-10-20 Sebastien TomasAdDioSetup.IngrDioEngine[dioNum].bEnIngressRsaFormat...
2014-10-20 Sebastien Tomasadding APIs for integration with WCDMA PHY
2014-10-08 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-10-08 Sebastien Tomasadding APIs to implement Azcom Wcdma Phy requirements
2014-10-08 Benjamin Mouchardset 2 axc for wcdma OBSAI check rf test
2014-10-08 Benjamin Mouchardfix for wcdma OBSAI
2014-10-03 Sebastien Tomasadded pragmas and moved dio buffer to MSM for wcdmacheckrf
2014-10-01 Sebastien Tomasadding support for LTE40 in ltecheckrf and OBSAI in...
2014-08-22 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-08-22 Sebastien Tomasfix for SDOCM00111714: multicore example build issue...
2014-07-10 Benjamin Mouchardfixing linux build issues
2014-07-01 Sebastien Tomasfix for obsai wcdma test code: data trace link index...
2014-06-30 Sebastien Tomaschanged the procedure to enable data trace to match...
2014-06-20 Sebastien Tomasadded new linker sections for ltecheckrf test DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-06-20 Sebastien TomasFix for ltecheckrf to have never_end=0 as default
2014-06-10 Sebastien Tomasadding support for 153.6MHz reference clock
2014-06-06 Sebastien Tomasreleasing v1.1.0.3
2014-05-26 Benjamin MouchardMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-05-26 Benjamin Mouchardfix for AIF GP
2014-05-26 Sebastien TomasCpri relay with TCI6614 at 1198.08 MHz setting to compl...
2014-05-20 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-05-20 Sebastien Tomascosmetic change
2014-04-30 Sebastien Tomasfix for ltecheckrf using c6670 superpacket mode
2014-04-29 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-04-29 Sebastien Tomasadding support for TDD 3.1 in lte check rf test for...
2014-04-29 Benjamin Mouchardfix for RFSDK1 rx capture
2014-04-14 Sebastien TomasSDOCM00088973: CSL_BootCfgLockKicker() should be remove...
2014-04-11 Sebastien Tomasadding support for LTE5 HDM rf-verif
2014-03-10 Sebastien Tomaspreparing DEV.AIF2LLD. DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-03-05 Sebastien Tomasadding rf-verif test vectors for lte10 native rate
2014-02-05 Sebastien Tomaschanged CPRI_RELAY_RATE into LTE_RATE for letcheckrf.c
2014-02-04 Sebastien Tomasadding new rf verf test vectors
2014-01-23 Sebastien Tomasadding support for 2xLTE20 in ltecheckrf test program
2014-01-17 Sebastien Tomasupdate docs for release v1.1.0.1 DEV.AIF2LLD.
2014-01-15 Sebastien Tomasfix issue with SerDes B4 restore function, added LTE5...
2014-01-07 Sebastien Tomasfix for seq2,3,4 on ltecheckrf following lte10 addition...
2014-01-06 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-06 Sebastien Tomasmulticore test up and running on 8 cores for KeyStone...
2013-12-23 Sebastien Tomasadding support for CPRI 15MHz
2013-12-23 Sebastien Tomasadding support for Obsai 15MHz in 4x and 8x link rate...
2013-12-16 Sebastien Tomasupdating allocation of PE and PD groups for LTE FDD TDD
2013-12-04 Sebastien Tomasfurther modifications for lte phy and aif2 separation...
2013-12-03 Sebastien Tomasadding support for trace data capture in lte obsai...
2013-11-26 Sebastien Tomasadding support for lte10 tm3.1 playback in ltecheckrf...
2013-11-26 Sebastien Tomasfix for aif/phy modifications prior to extended cp...
2013-11-21 Sebastien TomasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-11-21 Sebastien Tomasadding pdf version of dual mode docs
2013-11-20 Sebastien Tomasadding modification for aif2-ltephy separation
2013-11-18 Sebastien Tomasfixing for playing back tdd data in ltecheckrf DEV.AIF2LLD.