2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-10-14 Prasad Konnurdoxygen issue fix
2019-10-04 Hao Zhangdss: PRSDK-7114: fix dss test crash issue in SBL UART...
2019-09-30 Ankur[PDK-4508] KW Critical Error Fix DEV.DSS_LLD.
2019-09-29 Mahesh Radhakrishnan6.1_version_update
2019-09-26 Sivaraj RMISRAC fix fix - wave 2
2019-09-25 Subhajit PaulMISRA fixes - wave 1
2019-09-18 Subhajit PaulPDK-4458 Example application for BT.601
2019-09-18 Subhajit PaulPDK-4614 Fix Example for EDP
2019-09-18 Subhajit PaulPDK-4458 Call ADV_VP_PARAMS ioctl immediately after...
2019-09-18 Subhajit PaulPDK-4614 DP no-HPD mode: force connection
2019-09-17 Subhajit PaulPDK-4485 added missing nodes for all possible discrete...
2019-09-17 Subhajit PaulPDK-4630 Fix driver exit sequence
2019-09-12 AnkurBuild Fix for AM65x
2019-09-10 Vivek Dhande[DSS DRV Bug Fix][PDK-4616]DSS reports false error...
2019-09-03 Subhajit PaulPDK-4601 Do not enter low power mode at init
2019-09-03 Subhajit PaulMove Swi/Task related features to app callbacks
2019-09-03 Subhajit PaulPDK-4396, PDK-4398, PDK-4405, PDK-4571 eDP fixes
2019-09-03 Subhajit PaulMigrating to latest DP FW
2019-09-03 Subhajit PaulCadence 2019-07-31 delivery + TI bringup changes
2019-08-28 Subhajit PaulPDK-4580 fix Dss_convModuletoNode to classify modules
2019-08-21 Subhajit PaulPDK-4383 Do not allow flip for RGB24/BGR24
2019-08-21 Subhajit PaulPDK-4485 Implement synchonized DSS VP ops
2019-07-09 AnkurParallel Build fix
2019-06-26 Subhajit Pauladd load and fps measure / print code to example DEV.DSS_LLD.
2019-06-25 Subhajit PauleDP working with SPL boot flow
2019-06-24 Mahesh Radhakrishnan6.0 doc/ver update
2019-06-24 Subhajit PaulBuild-fix: Build broken by 02d4bb4d91103b197f9298f66c6d...
2019-06-24 Subhajit PaulChanged DPI names to cleaner names (DPI vs EDP)
2019-06-14 Rishabh GargeDP Bring Up
2019-05-30 Rishabh GargFixed MMU init API call for RTOS apps
2019-05-22 Piyali GoswamiFix and test for SYSFW based DPI clock setting
2019-05-22 Rishabh GargIntegrated Sciclient to DSS for J721e
2019-05-20 Sivaraj RUse common OSAL MMU init fxn
2019-05-16 Rishabh GargDSS Bring Up 5
2019-05-15 Rishabh GargDSS Bring Up 4
2019-05-15 Rishabh GargDSS Bring Up 3
2019-05-14 Rishabh GargDSS Bring Up - 2
2019-05-14 Rishabh GargDSS Bring Up
2019-05-06 Kedar ChitnisAdded mcu2-1 as supported core, tested with vision_apps...
2019-04-16 Sivaraj RPDK-4085: Add j721e_evm build support
2019-04-11 Rishabh GargFixed sciclient include
2019-04-11 Rishabh GargBuild fix
2019-04-02 Rishabh GargRemoved DSS overview from repo
2019-04-01 Dhande[DSS Training Slides]Added slides in pdf format
2019-03-28 Rishabh GargPDK-2233 Added eDP support
2019-03-26 Rishabh GargFixed DSS packaging for Maxwell
2019-03-25 Rishabh GargAdded eDP and DSI CSL
2019-03-22 Rishabh GargUpdated DSS directory structure for adding eDP and...
2019-03-21 Rishabh GargAdded DSS Overview
2019-03-20 Hao ZhangPDK-3678 Fixed KW issues DEV.DSS_LLD.
2019-03-19 Hao ZhangFixed KW issues DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-03-18 Hao Zhangupdate version for DSS LLD release DEV.DSS_LLD. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-03-12 Rishabh GargAdded DSS tests for RGB565, BGR565 and YUV420 SP 12 bit REL.PDK.J7.
2019-03-07 Rishabh GargUpdated master ISR
2019-03-05 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3653 DSS: defer call to pipePrgmCb while...
2019-03-04 Dasnavis SabiyaPRSDK-3403: Added new line at the EOF
2019-02-15 Rishabh GargRemoved unused code from DSS event manager
2019-02-14 Rishabh GargDSS MISRA fixes
2019-02-14 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3635
2019-02-06 Sivaraj RPDK-3586: J7 to J721E
2019-01-22 Aravind BatniPRSDK-5273: RTSC depdencies added
2019-01-17 Rishabh GargUpdated DSS test case REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-01-16 Rishabh GargUpdated DSS test case REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-01-09 AnkurAdding sciclient dependency for J7 REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-01-02 Rishabh GargMinor comments update REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2018-12-28 Rishabh GargBug Fix: PDK-3454
2018-12-21 Rishabh GargPDK-3450 Added Sync lost and underflow check in DSS App
2018-12-20 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3448
2018-12-20 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3431 and task PDK-3439
2018-12-20 Rishabh GargAdded IOCTL to set the line num callback
2018-12-11 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3422 DEV.DSS_LLD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2018-12-11 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3424
2018-12-11 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3428
2018-12-11 Rishabh GargAddressed review comments
2018-12-11 Rishabh GargFixed package build
2018-12-10 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-5156: Adding utils to the examples directory...
2018-12-05 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3421
2018-12-04 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3417
2018-12-01 Rishabh GargPDK-3381 Updated license in DSS driver
2018-11-30 Rishabh GargPDK-3411 Added status clear before interrupt enable
2018-11-30 Rishabh GargFixed DSS build for AM65xx
2018-11-29 Rishabh GargPDK-3409 Updated sequence to disable DSS top level...
2018-11-27 Rishabh GargAdded board as check in makefile for AM65xx
2018-11-27 Rishabh GargFixed doxygen warnings
2018-11-27 Rishabh GargAdded QT board support
2018-11-17 Rishabh GargAdded safety IOCTL: PDK-2292, PDK-2293, PDK-2305, PDK...
2018-11-15 Rishabh GargFixed DSS API guide
2018-11-15 Rishabh GargPDK-2370 Added crop to Display driver
2018-10-28 Sivaraj RDSS Doxygen grouping fix
2018-10-11 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3275
2018-10-08 Rishabh GargAdded DSS doxygen to git REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2018-10-08 Rishabh GargUpdated docygen
2018-10-05 Rishabh GargUpdated DSS App
2018-10-05 Rishabh GargUpdated DSS App
2018-10-04 Sivaraj RLimit i2c build only for am65xx as this is not yet... REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2018-10-04 Rishabh GargBug fix: PDK-3316
2018-09-28 Sivaraj RPDK-3279: FVID2 Trace should use user defined callback...
2018-09-22 Rishabh GargAdded UART prints to DSS app
2018-09-19 Rishabh GargComment update for DSS buffers DEV.DSS_LLD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.