Merge pull request #12 in PROCESSOR-SDK/edma3_lld from PRSDK-3125 to rtos-next
[keystone-rtos/edma3_lld.git] / edma3_lld_release.bat
2014-10-28 Sunil MSUpdated TI ARM CG tools path DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_12_00_20_RC06
2014-10-28 Sunil MSUpdated edma3_lld_release.bat file DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_12_00_20_RC04
2014-10-27 Sunil MSUpdated file and edma3_lld_release.bat files.
2014-06-27 PrasadUpdated Compiler path as per build machine
2014-06-25 PrasadAdded set environment varible to build batch file
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RBuild ti814x A8 libs with GCC compiler DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_09_RC02
2011-12-23 Murtaza GaadiwalaAppleton (TCI6614) device support
2011-11-16 Prasad KonnurDocumentation changes for release
2011-06-10 Prasad KonnurDocumentation changes for version DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_02_04
2011-05-19 Villarreal JesseSupport of OMAP Tesla platform DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_02_03_RC03
2011-02-14 Sundaram RajuUpdated the and the release batch file for relea...
2011-02-14 Sundaram RajuUpdated the release batch file to rename config.bld...
2011-02-02 Sundaram RajuAdded a batch file that can be used for building of...