misrac fix 2 for 4.2.0 (PRSDK-3354)
[keystone-rtos/edma3_lld.git] / packages / ti / sdo / edma3 / rm / src / edma3resmgr.c
2017-12-11 Suraj Dasmisrac fix 2 for 4.2.0 (PRSDK-3354)
2017-12-08 Suraj Dasmisrac fix for 4.2.0 (PRSDK-3354)
2014-10-20 Sunil MSMisra C Fixes:
2014-10-20 PrasadRevert commit ac4771a8bb9f9
2014-10-14 Sunil MSMisra C Fix:TDA3XX Platform specific files
2014-10-14 PrasadBugFix: SDOCM00113131
2014-10-14 PrasadBugFix: SDOCM00113354
2014-10-09 Sunil MSFixed Klocwork C code checker errors
2014-10-09 Sunil MSMisra C fixes:
2014-10-09 Sunil MSMisra C Fixes
2014-10-09 Sunil MSMisra C Fixes
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurPut Global variables in libs to .fardata section
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurPut global variables in .far section
2012-07-27 Prasad KonnurEMRH register accessed for all devices
2012-01-04 Prasad Konnurfixed warnings in building edma libs
2011-11-18 Prasad KonnurBug fixes SDOCM00086492 and SDOCM00086496
2011-11-10 Prasad KonnurFixed possible thread safety issues
2011-02-14 Raghu NambiathC99 type modification
2010-10-05 Sundaram RajuFix for the bug in Generic platform library in RM
2010-09-07 Vinay K NoojiAdding support for the Cross-bar in TI814X
2010-08-17 Gunjan DangAdded new GENERIC platform for RM
2010-07-15 Sundaram RajuFixed the CSL2_DAT_DEMO hang issue
2010-07-15 Sundaram RajuFixed the High Registers access bug in C6748/OMAPL138
2010-07-15 Sundaram RajuFixed the bug that leads to assert when using allocAnyC...
2009-09-14 Anuj AggarwalUpdating/cleaning comments for doxygen
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalDRAE registers not programmed in RM while allocating TCC
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalMisc changes in Resource Manager
2009-08-19 Anuj AggarwalChanging dos to unix format
2009-07-10 Anuj AggarwalEDMA3: BIOS6 Release INT.EDMA3.LLD.
2009-07-10 Anuj AggarwalEDMA3: Adding release package INT.EDMA3.LLD.