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Updated TCI6634 device name to TCI6638K2K to match with XDC platform name
[keystone-rtos/edma3_lld.git] / webgen / makefile
2012-08-17 Prasad KonnurDocumentation update for release DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_06_01
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurDocuments updated for
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurUpdated xdc version numbers for
2012-01-27 Prasad Konnurupdated version in webgen makefile
2011-12-05 Prasad KonnurVersion no updated for
2011-11-18 Prasad KonnurUpdated webgen makefile for release
2011-11-16 Prasad KonnurUpdated webgen makefile
2011-10-10 Prasad KonnurAdded Webgen makefile to publish in the release webpage