2014-01-07 Arvindeclipse plugin version update: rel
2014-01-07 ArvindUpdated the xdc compat key for rel:
2014-01-07 ArvindUpdated documents and datasheet for rel
2014-01-07 ArvindAdded 'DRA7xx' in the packages.xs files
2014-01-07 ArvindFollowing changes done
2014-01-03 ArvindBuild warnings and C++ warnings are fixed
2013-12-27 ArvindUpdated documents and Release notes
2013-12-26 ArvindEVE EDMA standalone example is aligned with gels6.
2013-12-24 ArvindDocs updated: rel
2013-12-24 Arvind eclipse plugin version update: rel
2013-12-24 ArvindUpdated the xdc compat key for rel:
2013-12-24 ArvindBug fixed - SDOCM00104308
2013-12-24 ArvindEDMA3 LLD support for DRA7xx platform
2013-12-20 ArvindDocs updated: rel
2013-12-19 Arvindeclipse plugin version update: rel
2013-12-19 ArvindUpdated the xdc compat key for rel:
2013-12-18 ArvindPorted EDMA lld to EVE core to access internal EDMA...
2013-10-18 Raghu NambiathFix for correcting the XDC config file for K2H/K2K... DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_10_RC01
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RAdded with toolchain variable for A8 GCC DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_09
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RAdded rules_GCC_a8 to git DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_09_RC03
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RBuild ti814x A8 libs with GCC compiler DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_09_RC02
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RDocs updated: rel
2013-09-23 Sivaraj Reclipse plugin version update: rel
2013-09-23 Sivaraj RUpdated the xdc compat key for rel:
2013-09-20 Sivaraj RChange extn for A15, A8 built with GCC DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_10_09_RC01
2013-09-20 Sivaraj RAdded gcc buld support for A8
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurDocs updated: rel DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_09_08
2013-07-17 Prasad Konnureclipse plugin version update: rel
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurUpdated xdc compat key: rel
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurPut Global variables in libs to .fardata section
2013-07-17 Prasad KonnurPut global variables in .far section
2013-07-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaSDOCM00102368: Support for TCI6636K2H target.
2013-07-11 Prasad KonnurDocs updated: rel DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_08_06_RC01
2013-07-11 Prasad KonnurUpdated xdc compat key: rel
2013-07-09 Prasad KonnurMcSPI channel enable in default event mapping
2013-07-03 Prasad KonnurRelease notes updated with toolchain version DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_08_05
2013-07-02 Prasad KonnurFixed build error for vayu dsp libs
2013-07-02 Prasad KonnurWebgen makefile to have a URL field
2013-07-02 Prasad KonnurFixed C++ build warning for vayu libs
2013-06-27 Prasad KonnurChanged makerules for a8, 674, m3
2013-06-26 Prasad KonnurFixed warnings in building for tda2xx platform
2013-06-26 Prasad KonnurChange required for moving to new BIOS version
2013-06-20 Prasad KonnurUpdated eclipse folder versions
2013-06-20 Prasad KonnurDocs updated for release
2013-06-20 Prasad KonnurSDOCM00102051 determine core id at runtime
2013-06-20 Prasad Konnuraccepting custom config.bld and Platform name
2013-06-19 Prasad KonnurRemoved Busy waiting in edma examples
2013-06-13 Prasad KonnurUpdated the xdc compatibility key
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TMS320TCI6638K2K device name to match with... DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_07_04
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated EDMA3 LLD release version info
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6638K2K and simKepler example project files...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaAdded example projects for TCI6638K2K EVM target
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated simTCI6634 name to simKepler to match with...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6634 name to TCI6638K2K to match with XDC...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated simTCI6634 name to simKepler to match with...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6634 name to TCI6638K2K to match with XDC...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6634 device name to TCI6638K2K to match...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6634 device name to TCI6638K2K to match...
2013-05-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated TCI6634 device name to TCI6638K2K to match...
2013-05-13 prasadDocs updated for DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_07_03
2013-05-10 prasadDefault event mapping for vayu updated
2013-05-06 prasadBase address for vayu M4 updated
2013-04-19 Prasad Konnuradded event mux base address as macro
2013-04-19 Prasad KonnurUpdated documents for release
2013-04-19 Prasad KonnurChanged compiler names for tms470 as per release 5.0.2
2013-04-18 Prasad Konnuradded vayu clock enable gel file
2013-04-18 Prasad Konnurupdated eclipse folder with new version number
2013-04-18 Prasad Konnurreview comments implimented for vayu cfg files
2013-04-18 Prasad KonnurUpdated the xdc compatibility key version no.
2013-04-18 Prasad KonnurAdded Vayu support in edma3lld
2013-04-01 Prasad KonnurUpdated A15 tool chain path
2013-04-01 Prasad Konnurconflicting types error for a15 fixed
2013-04-01 Prasad KonnurUpdated tool versions in makerules
2013-04-01 Prasad Konnurupdated IR number in release notes
2013-03-28 Prasad KonnurUpdated Memory usage statistics for M4 core of TDA2XX
2013-03-28 Prasad KonnurDocument versions updated DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_07_01_RC02
2013-03-28 Prasad KonnurAdded vayu support for M4 DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_07_01_RC01
2012-08-17 Prasad KonnurDocumentation update for release DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_06_01
2012-08-07 Prasad KonnurFixed build example applications using CCS projects
2012-07-27 Prasad KonnurEMRH register accessed for all devices
2012-07-27 Prasad KonnurCrossbar event initialization for c6a811x
2012-05-10 Murtaza GaadiwalaDocumentation and version info update for 02.11.05... DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_05_02 DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_05_02_RC01
2012-05-07 Prasad KonnurReplaced simTCI6634 with simKepler as per XDC tools
2012-05-07 Murtaza GaadiwalaKepler (TCI6634) support: 1) Added little and big endia...
2012-05-07 Murtaza GaadiwalaSupport for Gauss (C6657). Added sim and evm examples.
2012-05-07 Murtaza GaadiwalaKepler (TCI6634) support in EDMA3 LLD
2012-05-07 Murtaza GaadiwalaSupport for Kepler (TCI6634) device
2012-05-07 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated resource manager for Gauss (C6657)
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurRemoved internal name like J5Eco from release notes DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_05_01
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurDocuments updated for
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurUpdated xdc version numbers for
2012-03-09 Prasad KonnurUpdated platform for j5Eco
2012-02-07 Prasad KonnurJ5Eco addition rm sample updated
2012-02-06 Prasad KonnurAddition of J5Eco C6A811X platform
2012-01-30 Prasad KonnurResource split notification added in release notes
2012-01-30 Prasad Konnurremoving c6657 from DEV_EDMA3_LLD_02_11_04_01
2012-01-27 Prasad Konnurupdated version in webgen makefile
2012-01-27 Prasad Konnurxdc compatibility key and eclipse folder updated for...
2012-01-27 Prasad KonnurDocuments updated for release
2012-01-27 Prasad Konnuradded appleton targets in package list