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2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalAdding dummy modules in EDMA3 packages
2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalUsing environment variable in config.bld file to locate...
2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalAdding RM sample init lib project files
2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalAdd BE support in Resource Manager
2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalAdding software manifest
2009-09-13 Anuj AggarwalUpdating HTML release notes for
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalCSL_DAT example modified for new license header
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalDRAE registers not programmed in RM while allocating TCC
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalAdded EDMA3 driver sample application for TCI6498
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalModifying DA830 sample app for CCSv4
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalEDMA3 driver sample example made generic
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalMinor clean-up in driver sample init lib header file
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalCleaned EDMA3 Driver Sample Initialization library
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalMoved SoC specific config files in rm/src/configs
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalMisc changes in EDMA3 Driver
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalMisc changes in Resource Manager
2009-08-20 Anuj AggarwalTCI6498 related changes in RTSC build files
2009-08-19 Anuj AggarwalAdding CCSv4 project files for EDMA3 libraries
2009-08-19 Anuj AggarwalChanging dos to unix format
2009-07-10 Anuj AggarwalEDMA3: BIOS6 Release INT.EDMA3.LLD.
2009-07-10 Anuj AggarwalEDMA3: Adding release package INT.EDMA3.LLD.