descriptionProject to include GIT repos for RTOS components including user mode CSL & NetCP LLDs (CPPI/QMSS/PA/RM), PDK components (NWAL/PKTLIB) and Transport Net Lib components (NetAPI/HPLIB) - Repository for EMAC driver for Catalog devices.
last changeThu, 31 Oct 2019 17:54:26 +0000 (13:54 -0400)
2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-10-03 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6460: Fixing doxygen issues DEV.EMAC_LLD.
2019-10-03 Tinku Mannanam65xx/j7: Resolve static analysis warnings
2019-09-26 Tinku Mannanam57x: Fix in RX packet processing when alloc_pkt callb... DEV.EMAC_LLD. DEV.EMAC_LLD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK.
2019-09-24 Tinku Mannanam65xx/j7: Resolve Misra-c static analysis issues
2019-09-23 Tinku Mannanam65xx/j7: emac driver updates
2019-09-23 Tinku MannanDocs and version update for release 6.1
2019-09-20 Tinku Mannanam65xx: Update switch test application
2019-09-18 Tinku Mannanam65xx: Unit test update to verify delete all ageable...
2019-09-18 Tinku Mannanam65xx/j7: Adding port state checks for cpsw and icssg...
2019-09-18 Tinku MannanUpdates from industrial development branch
2019-09-16 Vitaly Andrianovdual_mac f/w: check psi ready for the next 16 byte...
2019-09-16 Vitaly Andrianovdual_mac fw: fix possible ingress buffer management...
2019-09-13 Tinku Mannanj7: update emac component file to include all R5 cores.
2019-09-13 Badri Smdio: API change to match MDIO/V5 CSL API changes
2019-09-13 Tinku Mannanam65xx: Update icssg switch firmware
18 months ago DEV.EMAC_LLD.
18 months ago DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. EMAC release tag
18 months ago DEV.EMAC_LLD.
18 months ago DEV.EMAC_LLD.
18 months ago DEV.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.09.RC13
19 months ago DEV.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.09.RC9
19 months ago DEV.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.09.RC5 EMAC LLD bugfixes for 100M support...
20 months ago DEV.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.09.RC4 Tagging for RC4 patch release on...
20 months ago DEV.EMAC_LLD.
20 months ago DEV.EMAC_LLD. DEV.EMAC_LLD.
20 months ago DEV.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.09.RC2
20 months ago REL.PRU-ICSS-PROFINET-SWITCH_02.01.00.08 Profinet Switch INC2 EA6
21 months ago REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
21 months ago REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
21 months ago REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
21 months ago REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
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