updated the PLL sequence for PA for C6670/C6678
[keystone-rtos/ibl.git] / src / hw / plls / pll014phi / cfgpll.c
2012-05-09 Aravind Batniupdated the PLL sequence for PA for C6670/C6678
2012-02-22 Ivan PangIBL updates. Change to version
2011-11-22 Prabhu KuttiyamMerge branch 'boot-rel-exp'
2011-11-09 Sandeep PaulrajC66x: DDR3 and PA SS PLL updates based on review IBL_EXP_11_09
2011-11-09 Sandeep PaulrajC66x PLL: Don't subtract the multiplier/divider twice
2011-11-08 Sandeep PaulrajDDR3 and PA SS PLL driver code update IBL_EXP_11_08
2011-11-04 Sandeep Paulrajc66x: Update PASS PLL init code
2011-11-04 Sandeep Paulrajc66x: PA PLL updates
2011-01-03 Mike LineAdded loading of second stage through SPI
2010-12-17 Mike LineInitial c661x version