Updated 6657 DDR3 config
[keystone-rtos/ibl.git] / src / util / iblConfig / src / device.c
2012-12-03 Casey SmithUpdated 6657 DDR3 config
2012-11-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add support for Keystone II devices
2012-05-09 Ivan PangAdded support for C6657
2011-12-08 Bill MillsiblConfig: refix DHCP for 6670 linux-c6x-2.0 linux-c6x-2.0-rc2 linux-c6x-2.0-rc3
2011-11-28 Prabhu KuttiyamMerge branch 'linux-c6x-2.0.x' into boot-rel-exp
2011-11-22 Prabhu KuttiyamMerge branch 'boot-rel-exp'
2011-11-17 Prabhu Kuttiyamnew pll sequence of 1.main 2.pa 3.ddr
2011-11-17 Ivan PangIBL Config fixes
2011-11-16 Prabhu KuttiyamUpdated ddr_controller wait to reflect proper values... IBL_EXP_11_16
2011-11-08 Sandeep Paulrajc66x IBL Config: Upadte DDR PLL init values
2011-10-07 Sandeep Paulraj6670: Don't init DDR PLL twice
2011-09-12 Sandeep PaulrajUpdate device config for DHCP boot
2011-08-19 Sandeep PaulrajMerge commit 'origin/master' into single-bi
2011-08-19 Sandeep PaulrajSingle Binary Support Enhancement
2011-08-18 Sandeep PaulrajIBL Single Binary Support: Updating Directory Names