2016-06-28 Ming Weievm6678l/platform: change the library search path to... master DEV.PLATFORM.
2016-05-11 Ming Weievmc6678l/platform_lib and platform_test: add SOC_C6678...
2016-02-03 Aravind Batnik2g specific prototype added added DEVICE_K2G DEV.PLATFORM-
2016-01-21 Aravind BatniMerge branch 'releases/mcsdk_03.02.00.00'
2015-12-10 Ivan Pangk2: added makefiles for platform lib
2015-12-03 Ivan Pangc6657: updated sgmii to cpsgmii for csl
2015-12-03 Ivan Pangevmc6657l: updated makefile build
2015-12-03 Ivan Pangevmc6678l makefile: updated includes for correct relati...
2015-12-03 Ivan Pangevmc6678l: update makefile for building
2015-11-16 Ming Weimcsdk-platform:
2015-11-16 Ming Weimcsdk-platform:
2015-09-16 Ming Weimcsdk_3.2.0:
2015-08-04 Hao Zhangplatform lib phy: k2l: fix serdes lane loopback mode... DEV.MCSDK-
2015-07-23 Hao Zhangplatform lib phy: k2h, k2e: fix serdes lane loopback...
2015-06-16 Hao ZhangKeystone: platform lib: use newer SERDES init sequence
2015-05-08 Ming Weimcsdk_3.2.0.0:
2015-04-27 Ming Weievmk2g:
2015-03-31 Ming Weiupdate to Platform Library 00.06: header file updates and
2015-02-25 Ming Weiupdate the platform library to version 00.05 for K2G
2015-02-12 Ming Weiadd K2G platform library 00.03 into mcsdk-platform.git
2015-01-28 Tinku MannanUse nss_if.h defines for tx queues and rx channels...
2014-04-10 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of DEV.MCSDK-
2014-04-10 Sam Nelsonplatform: update for evmk2e, evmk2l
2014-04-01 Ivan PangBIOS-MCSDK 2.1.3: updated platform lib number
2014-03-31 Ivan PangBIOS-MCSDK 2.1.3: SDOCM00106855 ECC fix for big endian...
2013-12-31 Sam Nelsonplatform: Correct comments DEV.MCSDK-
2013-12-21 Sam Nelsonevmk2e, evmk2l : add new platform support
2013-12-21 Sam Nelsonevmk2h: Update RBL ecc location to match RBL layout
2013-09-24 Sam Nelsonevmk2h: platform library add Release configurations DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-08-01 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0.2: fix platfrom phy polling warning DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-06-03 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add delay in DDR init to fix DDR problem... DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-05-21 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update platform test project files to link... DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-04-17 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update project files and version for beta DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-04-05 Casey SmithMCSDK 3.0: Changes to NAND writer to support ECC formats
2013-03-18 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update version # for alpha-9 DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-03-18 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update platform lib to support DDR3A 1333M...
2013-02-07 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: remove evmk2k platform lib DEV.MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2013-01-18 Casey SmithUART issue fixed for remaining platforms DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-01-18 Casey SmithFixed issue in Platform Lib UART as per SDOCM00097960
2013-01-14 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: fix phy configuration error
2013-01-11 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update project files to use CCS 5.3 for...
2013-01-09 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add serdes configuration function
2013-01-09 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: updates for bring-up
2012-12-12 Sajesh Kumar... Coverity issue fix in platform library DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-11-02 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: updated platform lib for bring-up DEV.MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-10-31 Sajesh Kumar... Coverity issue fixes DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-10-25 Casey SmithUpdated versions
2012-10-25 Casey SmithMerge branch 'next'
2012-10-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: updated BE project files for Alpha-4 DEV.MCSDK-
2012-10-18 Casey SmithUpdated PLL init sequence for tci6614
2012-10-12 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update platform lib UG to be generic across...
2012-10-11 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: added evmk2h, evmk2k and removed simtci6638...
2012-10-05 Casey SmithUpdated PLL sequence for 6657, 6670 and 6678
2012-09-18 Casey SmithChanged names in Appleton files from 6670 to 66x DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-09-06 Casey SmithMoved DDR3 initialization back outside of PLL check
2012-09-05 Casey SmithAdded a check to DDR3 PLL to only enable if DDR flag...
2012-08-22 Jingting ZhouAdded FPGA read and write API in platform.c and platform.h
2012-08-20 Ivan PangUpdated evm665x_nand.c to evmc665x_nand.c
2012-08-20 Ivan PangMerge from master
2012-08-17 Ivan PangRevert "NAND fix from Einfochips" - no need for softwar... DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-08-10 Ivan PangUpdated evm665x_nand.c for hardware ECC calculations
2012-08-06 Jingting Zhouupdated to CGT 7.4.0 DEV.MCSDK-
2012-08-01 Jingting ZhouRevert "updated to CGT7.4.0"
2012-08-01 Jingting ZhouRevert "updated to CGT 7.4.0"
2012-07-31 Jingting Zhouupdated to CGT 7.4.0
2012-07-31 Jingting Zhouupdated to CGT7.4.0
2012-07-24 Ivan PangFixed Ensat bit and BWADJ calculations for 6670 and...
2012-07-16 Ivan PangNAND fix from Einfochips
2012-07-03 Ivan PangMerged from mcsdk-210
2012-06-26 Hao Zhangupdate project files with CGT 7.3.4 for MCSDK 3.0 Alpha-2 DEV.MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-06-22 Ivan PangUpdated platform for mcsdk 2.1 DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-06-21 Hao ZhangUpdated MCSDK 3.0 project files
2012-06-20 Ivan PangAdded 6657 library
2012-06-15 Hao ZhangAdded tci6638 platform lib for simulator
2012-06-04 Ivan PangUpdated to CGT 7.4.0B2
2012-05-17 Ivan PangRemoved EMAC clock module print statement DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-05-17 Ivan PangRemoved PHY-related functions from 6657 platform
2012-05-11 Ivan PangMerge branch 'next' of
2012-05-11 Ivan PangAdding platform get emac start evt id for Gauss
2012-05-09 Aravind Batniupdated the platform library versions and updated the...
2012-05-09 Aravind Batniupdated the PLL sequence for setting PLLSEL bit in...
2012-05-09 Ivan PangAdded platform test for 6657
2012-05-07 Ivan PangUpdated 6657 platform lib to use 7.3.1 cgt
2012-05-07 Ivan PangGauss platform.h and resource_mgr.h
2012-05-03 Ivan PangAdded 6657 platform lib
2012-04-18 Ivan PangC6670 Platform Lib version number update DEV.BIOS.MCSDK. DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-03-22 Ivan PangTypo on ndelay function change DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-03-22 Ivan PangChanged NAND delay function for 6670
2012-02-21 Ivan PangAligning Nyquist DDR config with Shannon DEV.BIOS.MCSDK. DEV.BIOS.MCSDK. DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2012-02-21 Ivan Pang6678 GEL and LIB changes for Shannon PG 2.0 (New DDR)
2012-02-08 Ivan PangPlatform patch DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-02-02 Ivan PangMCSDK 2.1 alpha update
2011-12-16 Ivan PangVerion updates: MCSDK, PDK, CGT 7.3.1 DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2011-12-09 Hao ZhangAdded tci6614evm support DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2011-12-06 Sajesh Kumar... Update platform library version DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2011-12-03 Sajesh Kumar... Fixing the check in platform lib
2011-12-03 Sajesh Kumar... C6670 GEL update with DEVSTAT check
2011-12-01 Sajesh Kumar... platform library update for PLL sequence
2011-12-01 Sajesh Kumar... Minor GEL file updates
2011-12-01 Sajesh Kumar... GEL file updates for C66x EVMs