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2018-07-11 M V Pratap... PRSDK-2194: Added Rules.make file for flash writers
2018-07-11 M V Pratap... PRSDK-2194: Updated Rules.make inclusion
2018-07-10 M V Pratap... PRSDK-2194: Added Rule.make for Post application make...
2018-03-15 Raghu NambiathMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/mcsdk-tools... DEV.TOOLS.
2018-03-15 Pratap ReddyPRSDK-2420: Changed the K2G EEPROM boot slave address...
2016-06-20 Ivan Pangprogram_evm: updated relative paths for using CCS gel... DEV.TOOLS.
2016-06-03 Ivan Pangpost: 6657 removed references to 6678 and PA from build
2016-06-02 Ivan Pangprogram_evm: added ability to parse config file if...
2016-06-01 Ivan Pangk2g wrters: makefile updated to use lld from release...
2016-06-01 Ivan Pangpost: removed Ethernet test until link ready; c66x...
2016-06-01 Ivan Pangk2l post: fixed references to point to K2L macros/platf...
2016-05-30 Ivan PangK2: post makefiles added, removed ethernet test until...
2016-05-18 Ivan Pangk2g writer: updated uart lib to uart's release folder
2016-05-13 Justin SobotaUpdate remaining CSL lib paths
2016-05-13 Justin Sobotaflashwriters: c6657 makefiles updated with new path...
2016-05-12 Justin Sobotaflashwriter: K2G qspi_flash makefile update with new...
2016-05-12 Justin Sobotaflashwriter: K2G makefiles updated with new path to...
2016-05-10 Ivan Pangflashwriter: k2 makefiles updated to use csl library...
2016-03-14 Ivan PangK2G flashwriters: add SOC_K2G ifdefs in places where... DEV.TOOLS.
2016-03-14 Ivan Pangflashwriters: added K2G makefiles
2016-01-25 Ivan Pangsrio boot example: padded transfer size to 4-byte align
2015-12-16 Ivan Pangprogram_evm: script updated to fit ProcSDK directory...
2015-12-15 Ivan Pangprogram_evm: updated binaries dir to prebuilt-images...
2015-12-14 Ivan Pangc66x post: updated scripts to use environment variables...
2015-12-14 Ivan Pangc66x POST: added makefile, disabled C6678 emac test...
2015-12-11 Ivan Pangkeystone2: added build scripts for flashwriters
2015-12-09 Ivan Pangutil makefile updated to allow CC overrides
2015-12-09 Ivan Pangpost: restored pp files that were previously removed
2015-12-09 Ivan Pangexamples: removed pre-compiled files in git
2015-12-09 Ivan Pangc66x: added makefiles and update scripts for examples
2015-12-08 Ivan Pangc66x: added flashwriter makefiles
2015-09-16 Ming Weimcsdk_3.2.0:
2015-09-11 Hao Zhangtools: nand writer: fix read verify bug
2015-08-04 Hao Zhangwriter: k2e: change to link release platform lib in... DEV.MCSDK-
2015-06-01 Justin SobotaRemoved otp_writer. Delivered as part of mcsdk-securit...
2015-05-08 Ming Weievmk2g:
2015-03-31 Ming Weiupdate to Platform Library 00.06: header file updates
2015-02-25 Ming Weiupdate to platform library 00.05
2015-02-21 Ming Weiupdate mcsdk_tools based on platform library 00.03
2014-08-07 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: update k2e gel dos2unix conversion DEV.MCSDK-
2014-08-07 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: Update ccxml to work with new emupack
2014-08-01 Sam Nelsonwriter: nand: evmk2l : Fix issue with writer DEV.MCSDK-
2014-07-30 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: Add gel files copied from emupack DEV.MCSDK-
2014-07-25 Sam Nelsonwriter: Update nand and nor writer to not do phy init
2014-06-05 Hao Zhangnandwriter: add new input parameter to skip bad nand... DEV.MCSDK-
2014-05-30 Sam NelsonMerge branch 'master' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2014-05-30 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: Update ccxmls to point to right gel files
2014-05-09 Ivan PangUpdating POST .h/.c files for keystone1 only. Keystone2...
2014-04-10 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: UPdate for k2l & k2e
2014-03-20 Sam Nelsonpost: Update for k2e & k2l
2014-01-29 Sam Nelsonnand: k2l & k2e update
2014-01-28 Sam Nelsonwriter: k2l & k2e update
2014-01-21 Sam Nelsonwriter: Add flash writer for k2e & k2l
2014-01-21 Sam Nelsonprogram_evm: Update program evm for k2h & k2l DEV.MCSDK-
2013-11-20 Hao ZhangUpdate UG to remove eeprom files for K2H device
2013-11-06 Justin SobotaBM 2.1.3: Moved post_romparse scripts to CGT 7.4.4 DEV.MCSDK-
2013-10-22 Justin SobotaBM 2.1.3: Moved K1 build scripts to CGT 7.4.4
2013-10-02 Sam Nelsonmcsdk_3.0.2: update program evm ccxml DEV.MCSDK-
2013-07-16 Casey SmithUpdated program_evm User's Guide DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-05-24 Jingting Zhouupdated the CGT version in the bootloader scripts DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-05-22 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update post/writer project files to link...
2013-05-16 Casey Smithreverted previous change DEV.MCSDK-
2013-05-16 Casey SmithUpdated Keystone2 PDK name in .cprojects
2013-04-17 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update project files for beta DEV.MCSDK-
2013-04-09 Casey SmithFixed error in program_evm user's guide
2013-04-09 Casey SmithAdded NAND image, updated user guide
2013-04-05 Casey SmithMCSDK 3.0: Update to NAND writer for multiple ECC formats
2013-03-26 Casey SmithUpdated User Guide DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-03-25 Casey SmithUpdated NOR writer to align memory
2013-03-21 Casey SmithAdded linux ccxml
2013-03-21 Casey SmithUpdated program evm users guide for k2h
2013-03-20 Casey SmithAdded evmk2h to program_evm
2013-03-19 Casey SmithChanged macro back to fix 6657 post
2013-03-18 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update POST for alpha-9
2013-03-14 Casey SmithFixed macro in post.h for 6657
2013-02-22 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: remove post k2k project DEV.MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2013-02-15 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update CGT version in srio/pcie boot examples
2013-02-14 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update srio/pcie boot exampls scripts
2013-02-08 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: fix srioboot example build error
2013-02-07 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: remove boot examples evmk2k projects, add...
2013-02-07 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: remove writer evmk2k projects, add evmk2h...
2013-02-07 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add DDR test and emac loopback test support...
2013-01-21 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update CGT version to fix boot example build... DEV.MCSDK- DEV.MCSDK-
2013-01-11 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: update project files for CCS 5.3 for Alpha... DEV.SC-MCSDK- DEV.SC-MCSDK-
2013-01-09 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: change eeprom writer input file name to...
2012-11-26 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add KS2 IBL build scripts DEV.MCSDK-
2012-11-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: fix minor comments error
2012-11-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: modify boot loader scripts to support tci663...
2012-11-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add boot examples to support evmk2k device
2012-11-19 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: add eeprom/flash writers for evmk2k device
2012-11-02 Hao ZhangMCSDK 3.0: added POST support for bring-up
2012-10-15 Jingting Zhouupdated program_evm_userguide DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-09-24 Casey SmithRemoved previous changes DEV.BIOS.MCSDK.
2012-09-24 Casey SmithAdded DDR check to program_evm, updated userguide
2012-09-19 Jingting Zhouupdated post.c for 6657
2012-09-19 Jingting Zhouupdated post.c
2012-09-13 Jingting ZhouUpdated the post version
2012-09-11 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'next' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2012-09-11 unknownMerge branch 'next' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2012-09-11 unknownfixed the post emac loopback problem