[keystone-rtos/pa-lld.git] / .gitignore
2016-02-08 Aravind Batniupdated firmware files to TI text file License
2015-10-22 Aravind Batnimerged k2 rtos branch to support keystone devices
2015-10-19 Aravind BatniCCS project support for C6678 added
2015-10-09 Aravind Batnialign pa build against proc sdk csl
2014-06-02 Eric Ruei.gitignore: add /makefile
2014-04-29 Eric RueiMerged all changes from Lamarr branch
2014-01-09 Eric Rueiadd PDSP image files
2013-12-09 Eric Rueicleanup cpsw_mgmt.c at PA examples
2013-12-05 Eric Rueiadd K2e/k2l linux makefile
2013-11-26 Eric RueiMerged new features from PA LLD and provide...
2013-11-13 Eric RueiUpdate to cover both PASS1 and PASS2 builds
2013-09-25 Eric RueiMerge MCSDK 3.0 enhancements and cleanup EMAC/Multicore...
2013-05-06 Eric Rueicleanup .gitignore
2013-05-03 Eric Rueimerged from latest Lamarr branch
2013-05-03 Eric RueiPA LLD with local DMA and flow cache support
2013-04-19 Raghu NambiathMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-04-18 Aravind Batniupdated the PA firmware files for yocto build
2013-04-18 Aravind Batniupdated pa git to have *_bin.c files in source control...
2013-04-15 Aravind Batniupdated build infrastructure makefiles for yocto build
2013-03-11 Eric Rueiupdate after qt test
2013-02-26 John Dowdalmerge
2013-02-26 John Dowdalcleanup
2013-01-30 Eric RueiPA after removing tmp files
2013-01-30 Eric Rueiversion