[keystone-rtos/pa-lld.git] / setupenv.bat
2014-07-30 Aravind Batnimerged changes from master
2014-07-21 Eric Rueisetupenv.bat: set PARTNO to keystone2
2014-04-29 Eric RueiMerged all changes from Lamarr branch
2014-04-21 Eric Rueiadd debug flags: -g -mn
2013-11-26 Eric RueiMerged new features from PA LLD and provide...
2013-09-25 Eric RueiMerge MCSDK 3.0 enhancements and cleanup EMAC/Multicore...
2013-08-28 Eric RueiIP forwarding and comments cleanup: version DEV.PALLD.
2013-06-25 Aravind Batnifixed issues in prevLink asssignments in function Pa_ad...
2013-05-03 Eric Rueimerged from latest Lamarr branch
2013-05-03 Eric RueiPA LLD with local DMA and flow cache support
2013-04-01 Murtaza GaadiwalaAdded default PDK_INSTALL_PATH for development from git DEV.PA_LLD.
2013-02-26 John Dowdalmerge
2013-02-13 Justin SobotaUpdated setup to latest PDK version DEV.PA_LLD.
2013-01-02 Eric Rueipa lamarr initial commit
2012-11-21 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated PDK installation path DEV.PA_LLD.
2012-10-16 Murtaza GaadiwalaRenaming device directories and adding Hawking (TCI6636... DEV.PA_LLD.
2012-09-06 Eric RueiUpdated files to PA
2012-07-27 Martin QianCommited by migration script DEV.PA_LLD.
2012-07-25 Martin QianCommited by migration script DEV.PA_LLD.
2012-07-22 Martin Qianinitial commit
2012-07-03 Martin Qianinitial commit