2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-10-28 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-7289: Fixes issue with appending key into the... DEV.PDK_BUILD.
2019-10-25 Anand Mahadevan SSAdded QNX support to build repo
2019-10-25 Santosh JhaAdded command to generate strip image
2019-10-24 Aravind BatniAM64X: adding m4 core
2019-10-23 Aravind BatniAM64X build support added
2019-10-09 AnkurUpdating BIOS version for J7 due to important bug fix REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-10-02 Aravind BatniRemove c7x-hostemu from j7200 list for RTOS builds REL.PDK.J7.
2019-10-02 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6957: Checking cfgUpdate for 'null' for windows... DEV.PDK_BUILD. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-10-02 Aravind BatniSupport for J7200 build added
2019-09-27 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6357: Correcting the windows gmake to use xdc_PAT... DEV.PDK_BUILD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-09-25 AnkurUpdating C7x version to 1.2.0.STS REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-09-25 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6991: Specify the gmake path explicitly on windows
2019-09-23 Brandon WetzelAdd APP_CACHED_DATA_BLK_0_MEM section for ARM devifces...
2019-09-22 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-6991: Updated to use windows signing...
2019-09-20 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-4706: Adds support for x509 extension to start...
2019-09-19 Thanh TranRemove the xhci section
2019-09-17 Tinku Mannanj7-build: update r5 sysbios lds file with .far section
2019-09-14 Piyali GoswamiAdding support to clean generated files
2019-09-13 Thanh TranRemove the non-cache area
2019-09-13 Thanh TranUpdate the linker files to move DMSC reserved area
2019-09-11 Tinku Mannanj7: increase default heap size in r5 sysbios configurat...
2019-09-05 Tinku Mannanj7: Increase default heap size required for emac test... REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-09-04 Jonah WillisAdd Unity to make_install
2019-09-04 Jonah WillisAdd README for Unity
2019-09-04 Jonah WillisAdd TI Unity config files
2019-09-04 Jonah WillisInclude Unity unit test framework in PDK
2019-08-29 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6233:Adding utils.Load module to c66 and c7x... REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-08-29 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6233: Cleaning up debug code
2019-08-29 Aravind BatniPRSDK-6162:Move SDL build to common build infrastructur...
2019-08-19 Ankur[PRSDK-6336] + Updating the Tool version for J7
2019-08-09 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6186: Retaining older versions for J7 pending...
2019-08-08 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-6186: Tools Update for 6.1 release
2019-08-07 AnkurRemoving C6x compiler define for C7x host emulation...
2019-08-06 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-5811: Removing the wrongly checked in file
2019-08-06 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-5811: Making dep file location endian specific...
2019-08-06 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-5714: Descoping c6x big endian DEV.PDK_BUILD.
2019-08-02 Sam Update PATH for IPC LLD component
2019-07-23 Tinku MannanBuild infrastructure changes for TRACE utility
2019-07-18 AnkurUpdating the XDC version to 3_55_02_22_core REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-09 Ankurc7x reusing Mmu varible REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-09 Sivaraj RAdded help for custom target
2019-07-09 AnkurUpdating BIOS and XDC version
2019-07-08 Prasad Jondhalemakerules - XDC addendum file to build dependency REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-06 Sivaraj RADASVISION-2252 - [R5F] Move app reset vector to separa...
2019-07-04 Anshu Jain[c7xBuild] Use externel linker if defined
2019-07-03 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-6095: Updates SECDEV version to be in sync with... DEV.PDK_BUILD. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-03 Kedar Chitnis Updated C7x CGT
2019-07-03 Prasad JondhaleRevert "tools - Update NDK and NS versions"
2019-07-02 Prasad Jondhaletools - Update NDK and NS versions REL.PDK.J7.
2019-06-27 Ming Weiupdate for c7x core
2019-06-25 Sinthu Raja MRel_6.0: EDMA3 version update DEV.PDK_BUILD. DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-06-24 Mahesh RadhakrishnanUpdate version for 6.0
2019-06-22 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-6036: Suppress confusing trace caused by popd
2019-06-20 Aravind BatniPRSDK-5591:added csl2 path
2019-06-20 Sinthu Raja MPRSDK-5963 Fix linking issue for cache API's in a15...
2019-06-19 Vivek Dhande[PDK-3291]Rename c7x to c7x_1
2019-06-18 Kedar Chitnis Reverted C7x CGT version to previous stable to avoid...
2019-06-17 Sivaraj RMigrate c7x tool
2019-06-16 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-5953: Updates K3 image signing scripts for parall...
2019-06-12 Tinku MannanPRSDK-4453: Add the missing smp cfg file for am65xx...
2019-06-11 Sinthu Raja MPRSDK-4453 Add common RTSC cfg file for SMP Examples
2019-06-08 Sivaraj RFix custom target build
2019-06-08 Sivaraj RJ7 CFG Utils init to be done before CFG override
2019-06-07 Sivaraj REnable C66x cache for DDR space
2019-06-06 Aravind BatniPRSDK-5591: Support CSL2 and CSL TRIM to be built from...
2019-06-05 Mahesh RadhakrishnanAdded sysbios.utils to j7 sysbios config files
2019-06-02 Dasnavis SabiyaPRSDK-5523: Disabling unaligned access in the compiler...
2019-05-28 Aravind BatniRevert "Use common OSAL MMU init fxn"
2019-05-27 Sivaraj RC7x memory map change
2019-05-25 Aravind BatniCorrect the sysbios and tools link library order for a72
2019-05-24 Mahesh RadhakrishnanAdding support for %f in .cfg file for J7
2019-05-22 Aravind BatniPRSDK-4453: correct the sysbios lnk order for A53 RTSC...
2019-05-22 Mahesh RadhakrishnanIncreasing default stack size for j7 example builds
2019-05-20 Hao Zhangbuild: PRSDK-4654: remove build-id section from a53...
2019-05-20 Sivaraj RUse common OSAL MMU init fxn
2019-05-19 Piyali GoswamiFix for MPU for R5 with Firewalls
2019-05-17 Piyali GoswamiFix for C7x stack alignment
2019-05-17 Sivaraj RJ7 C66x cfg change for DDR
2019-05-17 Sunil Kumar MS[Updated A53/A72 Rules Makefile]
2019-05-17 Sivaraj RJ7: Updated timer freq for all bios cfg files
2019-05-16 Stephen MolfettaUpdating DDR/MSMC MPU settings
2019-05-16 Kedar Chitnis Updated C7x CGT,
2019-05-14 Rishabh GargUpdated R5 sysbios linker command file
2019-05-14 Sivaraj RJ7ES: Moved all sections to DDR in baremetal cmd
2019-05-13 Kedar Chitnisreverted to use 6_76_01_08_eng patch BIOS since updated...
2019-05-13 Sivaraj RUpgrated to new BIOS for J7
2019-05-11 Mahesh RadhakrishnanSelecting the right board (j721e_evm) for LIMIT_BOARDS... REL.PDK.J7.
2019-05-10 Vivek Dhande[Linker Command File]Updated to reserve some memory...
2019-05-10 Santosh JhaAddressed review comments
2019-05-10 Santosh JhaConfiguration of VRing buffer for IPC
2019-05-09 Mahesh RadhakrishnanUpdating install for j721e-evm
2019-05-09 AnkurChangin MMU init function name
2019-05-08 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-4054: Adds back rom degenrate key for signing...
2019-05-08 Arun UppuletiPRSDK-5618
2019-05-08 AnkurC7x Update for new BIOS
2019-05-08 Kedar ChitnisUpdated to bios
2019-05-02 PrabhuPRSDK-5764: DSPLIB and MATHLIB version updated
2019-04-30 Mahesh RadhakrishnanPRSDK-5722: Tools update for 6.0
2019-04-23 Dhande[PDK-3280][R5F]R5F CSL FL Bug fixes