[keystone-rtos/rm-lld.git] / device / k2h / policy_dsp_arm.c
2016-02-02 Aravind Batnik2g merge
2015-07-17 John Dowdalupdate queues 4095/8191/12287/16383 to use "iue" instea...
2015-07-17 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'master' into perf_updates
2015-07-07 John Dowdalcatreq-275: QMSS LLD: Mask out queues (4095, 8191,...
2015-03-27 John DowdalSDOCM00115212: add RM resources *-hw-open for each...
2014-11-04 John DowdalMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-03 John Dowdalswitch qpend queues
2014-09-15 John Dowdaladd srio resources
2014-08-25 John Dowdalallow uio qpend queues to be used by lld DEV.RM_LLD.
2014-08-15 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00112441: reserved more UDMA resources... DEV.RM_LLD.
2014-08-15 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00112567: Gave GIC queue access to NETAPI...
2014-07-16 Justin SobotaUpdated QMSS Linking RAM indices used by Linux on all...
2014-07-15 Justin SobotaGave access to all PA user stats for all devices
2014-06-11 Justin SobotaFixed qmss rx/tx channel and flow mismatch in dsp plus...
2014-05-20 John DowdalSDOCM00103974: allow internal/external linking RAM...
2014-05-15 John DowdalMerge branch 'releases/mcsdk_03.01.00.00'
2014-03-19 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00107027
2013-11-19 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into releases...
2013-11-06 John Dowdaladd resources for PA user stats (32bUsrStats 64bUsrStats) DEV.RM_LLD.
2013-08-15 John DowdalMerge
2013-07-23 John Dowdaladd back dsp control for PA channel 7
2013-07-23 John Dowdalreally remove high priorty accumulator channels, since...
2013-07-22 John Dowdalset up policy to block pa/sa/netcp/xge cppi channels
2013-07-18 John Dowdalupdate GRL and policy to match current linux
2013-07-10 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'ksII-rm-dev'
2013-06-18 John DowdalAdd support for Qmss_QueueType_INTC_SET[234]_QUEUE...
2013-05-28 John DowdalMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-28 John Dowdalundo partial workaround for SDOCM00101586
2013-05-24 John Dowdalupdate grl for hyperlink queues
2013-05-24 John Dowdalfix file perms
2013-05-24 John Dowdalworking policy for qm multicore example
2013-05-14 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ksII-rm-dev'
2013-05-14 John Dowdalsync with linux
2013-04-23 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-23 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-04-23 John Dowdaladd high priority and starvation counter queues to...
2013-04-10 Justin SobotaARM policy updates based on KeystoneII Syslib port
2013-03-28 John Dowdaladd k2l and k2e
2013-03-22 Justin SobotaFixed bug in allocator and kernel updates to the polici...
2013-03-19 Justin SobotaK2H data section additions for GRL and policies
2013-03-14 Justin SobotaStarted adding Shared Server implementation
2013-02-22 Justin SobotaAdded script for converting dtbs to C const array....