Updated RN with latest bug fixes
[keystone-rtos/rm-lld.git] / docs / ReleaseNotes_RM.doc
2014-06-11 Justin SobotaUpdated RN with latest bug fixes
2014-06-06 Justin SobotaCoverity bug fixes
2014-05-30 John Dowdalsdocm00107944: add xge cppi
2014-05-29 John DowdalMerge branch 'master' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2014-05-29 John Dowdalsdocm00106374: add missing qpend queues for k2l and k2e
2014-05-29 Justin SobotaUpdated release notes
2014-05-20 John DowdalSDOCM00103974: allow internal/external linking RAM...
2014-05-19 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00107840
2014-05-15 John DowdalMerge branch 'releases/mcsdk_03.01.00.00'
2014-03-20 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00107059 DEV.RM_LLD.
2014-03-19 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00107027
2014-03-07 Justin SobotaAdded new transport APIs and daemonized the Linux RM...
2014-03-03 Justin SobotaDocumentation upates
2013-11-19 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into releases...
2013-11-06 John Dowdaladd resources for PA user stats (32bUsrStats 64bUsrStats) DEV.RM_LLD.
2013-09-13 Aravind Batniadded shared object library support
2013-08-22 John Dowdalset version and tag to
2013-08-15 John DowdalMerge
2013-08-06 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00103027 DEV.RM_LLD.
2013-08-02 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00101836
2013-07-31 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00102876
2013-07-24 Justin SobotaUpdated RN DEV.RM_LLD.
2013-07-23 John Dowdalupdate RN
2013-07-23 John DowdalMerge branch 'master' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2013-07-22 Justin SobotaResolved SDOCM00101322
2013-07-18 John Dowdalupdate GRL and policy to match current linux
2013-07-10 Justin SobotaUpdated RN
2013-07-10 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'ksII-rm-dev'
2013-06-25 Justin SobotaUpdated RN
2013-06-18 John DowdalAdd support for Qmss_QueueType_INTC_SET[234]_QUEUE...
2013-05-28 Justin SobotaUpdated release notes
2013-05-17 Justin SobotaUpdated documentation to point to UG for instructions...
2013-05-16 Justin SobotaUpdated RN
2013-04-29 Justin SobotaRN update
2013-04-26 Justin SobotaAdded Linux example and updated release notes
2013-04-23 Justin SobotaMerge branch 'master' of gtgit01.gt.design.ti.com:git...
2013-04-23 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-04-23 John Dowdaladd high priority and starvation counter queues to...
2013-03-28 John Dowdaladd k2l and k2e
2013-03-25 Justin SobotaRelease notes update
2013-03-25 Justin SobotaUpdated release notes
2013-02-22 Justin SobotaAdded script for converting dtbs to C const array....
2013-02-12 Justin SobotaMerged Keystone II to master for initial release
2013-02-07 Justin SobotaReady for Alpha release