Resolved SDOCM00114533
[keystone-rtos/rm-lld.git] / setupenv.bat
2014-05-15 John DowdalMerge branch 'releases/mcsdk_03.01.00.00'
2013-11-19 John DowdalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into releases...
2013-08-15 John DowdalMerge
2013-05-10 Justin Sobota1. Makefile fix to recompile library on any source...
2013-04-04 Justin SobotaUpdated pdk version in setupenv
2013-04-01 Murtaza GaadiwalaNewer version of XDC hangs the build during compilation
2013-04-01 John DowdalMerge branch 'releases/mcsdk_03.02.00.00' of gtgit01...
2013-03-28 Murtaza GaadiwalaUpdated to work with local Git dev environment
2013-02-22 Justin SobotaAdded script for converting dtbs to C const array....
2013-02-12 Justin SobotaMerged Keystone II to master for initial release
2013-02-08 Justin SobotaUpdated build infrastructure for Keystone II
2013-01-30 Justin SobotaCleaned up transport API
2013-01-29 Justin SobotaFixed copyrights, unified MAX_NAME_LENGTH, removed...
2012-11-29 Justin SobotaTested ability to read in and parse resource and policy...
2012-11-19 Justin SobotaCoded basic test project started removing receipt construct
2012-11-13 Justin SobotaBasic infrastructure coded. All compiler errors resolved
2012-10-15 Justin SobotaUpdated setupenv.bat
2012-10-15 Justin SobotaSynced with latest RM LLD
2012-10-12 Justin SobotaBase directory structure for new RM
2012-09-27 Martin QianCommited by migration script DEV.RM_LLD.