2013-02-19 Justin SobotaFixed tabs in device GRL
2013-02-19 Justin SobotaAllow service requests without callback as long as...
2013-02-18 Justin SobotaAdded handling of resource sharing with Linux permissions
2013-02-15 Justin SobotaCreated allocator module
2013-02-14 Justin SobotaCleaned up cross-references in internal rm transport API
2013-02-13 Justin SobotaMinor updates
2013-02-13 Justin SobotaRemoved debug compiler flag
2013-02-12 Justin SobotaMerged Keystone II to master for initial release
2013-02-12 Justin SobotaAdded ability for instance to allocate same resource...
2013-02-08 Justin SobotaUpdated build infrastructure for Keystone II
2013-02-07 Justin SobotaAdded K2 specific test project directories
2013-02-07 Justin SobotaReady for Alpha release
2013-02-07 Justin SobotaCompleted API documentation and Doxygen
2013-02-05 Justin SobotaSmall API cleanup more doxygenination
2013-02-05 Justin SobotaAdded and tested static policy feature. Continued...
2013-01-31 Justin SobotaUpdated static policy for testing
2013-01-31 Justin SobotaStarted consolidating error codes and cleaning up stati...
2013-01-30 Justin SobotaCleaned up transport API
2013-01-29 Justin SobotaMoved tree and libfdt into a util directory
2013-01-29 Justin SobotaFixed copyrights, unified MAX_NAME_LENGTH, removed...
2013-01-28 Justin SobotaAPI naming convention cleanup, switch to strncpy, renam...
2013-01-24 Justin SobotaFixed policy alignment retrieval bug
2013-01-24 Justin SobotaBug fixes after cleanup of policy module
2013-01-22 Justin SobotaAdded pre-main capabilities, cleaned up services and...
2013-01-21 Justin SobotaAdded policy verification on allocator operations
2013-01-18 Justin SobotaAdded init/use permissions, added instance lists for...
2013-01-15 Justin SobotaWrote policy validation routines
2013-01-12 Justin SobotaRewriting policy definition feature
2013-01-07 Justin SobotaAdding policy checking feature on RM Server
2012-12-20 Justin SobotaLinux-dtb-alias property cleanup
2012-12-19 Justin SobotaFree and unspecified allocation bug fixes
2012-12-17 Justin SobotaInitial testing, basic demo complete
2012-12-17 Justin SobotaBug fixes, cleanup, expanded test code
2012-12-16 Justin SobotaImplemented basic allocate/free servicing on RM Server...
2012-12-15 Justin SobotaCompleted and tested routines that automatically reserv...
2012-12-14 Justin SobotaCompleted routines for automatically reserving Linux...
2012-12-13 Justin SobotaFinished tree allocator functions. Writing Linux DTB...
2012-12-12 Justin SobotaWrote tree allocate and free operations
2012-12-10 Justin SobotaIntegrated red-black tree algorithm for tree allocators
2012-12-04 Justin SobotaWrote integer allocator creator
2012-12-01 Justin SobotaWrote a DTB node forward parser. Used as base for...
2012-11-30 Justin SobotaMissed a file...
2012-11-30 Justin SobotaAdded DTB value extraction functions for Resource List...
2012-11-29 Justin SobotaTested ability to read in and parse resource and policy...
2012-11-20 Justin SobotaRemoved receipts started basic testing on infrastructur...
2012-11-19 Justin SobotaContinuing rework on transaction request/response mechanism
2012-11-19 Justin SobotaCoded basic test project started removing receipt construct
2012-11-15 Justin SobotaCoded basic unit test to test RM infrastructure
2012-11-13 Justin SobotaBasic infrastructure coded. All compiler errors resolved
2012-11-12 Justin Sobotacompleted request/response infrastructure
2012-11-09 Justin SobotaChecking in latest changes
2012-11-05 Justin SobotaSmall change to test commit name
2012-11-05 Justincommit prior to modifying transaction tracking and...
2012-11-02 Justin SobotaCompleted transaction forwarder
2012-10-29 Justin SobotaChecking in RMv2 progress
2012-10-17 Murtaza GaadiwalaRM LLD 2.0.0.x initial release for KeyStone-II DEV.RM_LLD.
2012-10-15 Justin SobotaUpdated setupenv.bat
2012-10-15 Justin SobotaSynced with latest RM LLD
2012-10-12 Justin SobotaBase directory structure for new RM
2012-09-27 Martin QianCommited by migration script DEV.RM_LLD.