2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-10-25 Anshu JainUse same prototype for decleration and definition
2019-10-18 Prasad Konnurupdated ti disclaimer file
2019-10-14 Anand Mahadevan SSAPI Guide Cleanup
2019-10-11 Anand Mahadevan SSAPI Guide cleanup
2019-10-11 Anand Mahadevan SSChange in the launch JS for J7
2019-10-09 Anand Mahadevan SSSciclient API Guide Fixes
2019-10-09 Anand Mahadevan SSReverting back to original SYSFW v2019.08
2019-10-08 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-7183: Updates build scripts to to use SYSFW relea...
2019-10-07 Anand Mahadevan SSMinor bug fixes and api guide fixes
2019-10-03 Prasad Konnurmisra issue fix
2019-09-29 Mahesh Radhakrishnan6.1 version update DEV.SCICLIENT.
2019-09-27 Anand Mahadevan SSRM Ring monitor crash fix
2019-09-26 Prasad Konnurmisra issue fix for incomplete_ptr
2019-09-25 Prasad KonnurPDK-2666: c++ build fix
2019-09-24 Anshu Jain[lokiBuild] Add support for loki build
2019-09-20 Prasad KonnurPDK-4454 Misra fixes
2019-09-19 Prasad KonnurPDK-4454 Misra fixes
2019-09-19 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to v2019.08
2019-09-19 Sivaraj Rsysfw-v2019.08-23-g285f7
2019-09-17 Sivaraj RAdded comment as per review comments
2019-09-17 Sivaraj RAdded monitor message ID to get secure context API
2019-09-17 Sivaraj RAdded monitor resource to board config
2019-09-17 Sivaraj R[PDK-3584] Added ring monitor RM API
2019-09-17 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to SYSFW v2019.07 - J7
2019-09-17 Anand Mahadevan SSAdded API for MSMC Query[PDK-4277]
2019-09-16 Prasad Konnurmisra c fixes
2019-08-26 Piyali GoswamiUpdates to support Python 3.7 for trace parser REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-08-15 Sam Nelsonxdc: Update settings to include core type
2019-08-08 Anshu Jain[hostemu] Fix host emulation build for sciclient
2019-07-30 AnkurChanges based on J7 SOC Alias changes
2019-07-10 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to SYSFW version 2019.06a REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-08 Anand Mahadevan SSAdded flag to specify Secure/Non-secure context REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-04 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate Sysfw to v2019.06 REL.PDK.J7.
2019-07-04 Anand Mahadevan SSReverting the API addition
2019-07-03 Anand Mahadevan SSDoxygen warnings fixes[PDK-3619, PDK-3645]
2019-07-02 Anand Mahadevan SSAdded two APIs to support new PM API[PDK-4320]
2019-06-24 Mahesh Radhakrishnan6.0 doc/ver update: correcting the copyright year DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. DEV.SCICLIENT. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7. REL.PDK.J7.
2019-06-24 Mahesh Radhakrishnan6.0 doc/ver update
2019-06-23 Stephen MolfettaFix for C66 to send unaligned messages when optimizatio...
2019-06-22 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-6037: Updates for parallel...
2019-06-20 Vivek Dhande[PDK-3291]Rename c7x to c7x_1
2019-06-19 Stephen MolfettaUpdate API to comprehend all clock/parent ID values
2019-06-18 Anand Mahadevan SSRevert "Remove C7x workaround in release mode"
2019-06-13 Sivaraj RRemove C7x workaround in release mode
2019-06-12 Anand Mahadevan SSSciclient build fix
2019-06-11 Anand Mahadevan SSObsolete script files removed
2019-06-10 Prasad Jondhaleccs launch script - sync with earlier patch
2019-06-10 Sivaraj RRemove nofwl, vlab and zebu firmwares
2019-06-07 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to SYSFW 2019.05
2019-05-30 Anand Mahadevan SSSciclient Updates
2019-05-30 AnkurBuild Fix
2019-05-30 Anand Mahadevan SSOsalMmuInit function fix, added DMPAC SDE Device
2019-05-29 Kedar Chitnis Updated C7x secure proxy to use, using NONSEC by default
2019-05-25 Shyam Jagannathan[J7ES_EVM_SCRIPT] Updated script to call 4266 instead
2019-05-24 Kedar Chitnis Migrated to updated sysfw
2019-05-24 Justin Sobotaj721e: boardcfg: Move reserved UDMA resources to MCU nav
2019-05-23 Anand Mahadevan SSMigration to SYSFW w2019.08
2019-05-21 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-4706: Adds support to HALT and UNHALT MCU cores...
2019-05-21 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to SYSFW v2019.04a for Maxwell
2019-05-21 Anand Mahadevan SSMigration to sysfw w2019.07
2019-05-21 Piyali GoswamiAdded support for sysfw logs on the terminal
2019-05-21 Piyali GoswamiC7x changes to use secure context always
2019-05-20 Piyali GoswamiDisable firewalls by default
2019-05-20 Piyali GoswamiAdded some more prints to the launch.js file
2019-05-20 Sivaraj RUse common OSAL MMU init fxn
2019-05-20 Sivaraj RJ7ES: Made Firewall enabled DMSC as default
2019-05-18 Piyali GoswamiJ721e Dev Boot Mode Checked out
2019-05-18 Piyali GoswamiBuild Fix
2019-05-18 Piyali GoswamiAdded optimization off for writitng into secure proxy...
2019-05-17 Piyali GoswamiC7x Interrupt Fixes
2019-05-17 Anand Mahadevan SSSciclient cleanup and migate to sysfw w2019.03
2019-05-17 Kedar Chitnis Setting default path for j7es launch script to /ti...
2019-05-16 Piyali GoswamiFix for IRQ numbers in J7
2019-05-16 Piyali GoswamiPrintf Fixed and tested on MPU1_0
2019-05-16 Anand Mahadevan SSClock IDs updated with the new DPI clk changes
2019-05-16 Anand Mahadevan SSMigrate to SYSFW w2019.02
2019-05-16 Piyali GoswamiFix for init for A72. Removing copies of InitMMU
2019-05-15 Piyali GoswamiLaunch Script Updates for running the DDR config when...
2019-05-15 Anand Mahadevan SSUpdated ccs_init elf file with latest board_cfg
2019-05-15 Piyali GoswamiFixed Board Config for J7 ES.
2019-05-15 Anand Mahadevan SSSYSFW binaries updated to w2019.01
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSDos2Unix change for the js file
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSUpdated binaries for SYSFW T0 release(p2019.19+)
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSFinal js script updates
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSJS file changes to work in EVM
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSLinker Cmd File change for CCS_init app
2019-05-14 Anand Mahadevan SSMoving the CCS launch scripts to SOC folders
2019-05-14 Madan SrinivasPRSDK-5816: Fixes the sequence number used in load...
2019-05-13 Anand Mahadevan SSMigration to SYSFW p2019.19
2019-05-13 Anand Mahadevan SSSYSFW bringup binary added
2019-05-12 Piyali GoswamiSupport for C66x Interrupts
2019-05-11 Piyali GoswamiFix for the base address of Secure Proxy Configuration...
2019-05-09 Piyali GoswamiBuild enable for J721e_evm for sciclient_ut REL.PDK.J7.
2019-05-09 Anshu JainEnable board dependency for ccqt,hostemu builds
2019-05-09 AnkurC7x MMU init function Fix
2019-05-08 Anand Mahadevan SSMigration to SYSFW p2019.18
2019-05-08 Vivek Dhande[Revert Commit]Reverted back c7x to c7x_1 name change
2019-05-08 Madan SrinivasSYSFW-2338: Reverts workaround for SYSFW-2338
2019-05-08 Jonathan Bergsagelsciclient: add CCS init script for SYSFW on ZeBu