2019-10-31 Jacob StifflerNOTICE OF RELOCATION master
2019-08-01 Mahesh RadhakrishnanMerge pull request #3 in PROCESSOR-SDK/srio-lld from... DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2019-01-10 Mahesh RadhakrishnanCATREQ-2702: Descoping big endian C6x
2018-07-17 M V Pratap... Documentation and version updates for procsdk 5.0 release
2018-07-02 Raghu NambiathMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/srio-lld from...
2018-07-02 Sinthu Raja MPRSDK-2194 Added RULES_MAKE macro
2016-06-24 Justin SobotaUpdate version and release notes DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2016-04-28 Ivan Pangsrio_drv.c: corrected pointer to check for SRIO queue...
2016-04-14 Ivan PangMerged BIOS MCSDK codebase for TX queue enhancement...
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsonexample: Fix issue with k2k static binary failed to... DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2016-03-18 John Dowdalupdate version
2016-03-18 John DowdalUpdate RN
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsonexamples: linuxutil: Fix issue in handling device names
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsonexample: fw_mem_allocator: Update mmap to match updated...
2016-03-18 Sam Nelsonexample: Fix issue with static binary failed to load
2015-12-18 Justin SobotaRN and version update DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2015-12-11 Eric Rueitest/loopback/c6657/c66/bios/srioPlatCfg.h: NUM_CORES = 2
2015-12-10 Eric RueiMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-10 Eric Rueibenchmarking: remove unused variable (rta.)Agent
2015-12-04 Hao Zhangsrio: k2hk: fix throughput benchmarking test project...
2015-12-04 Eric RueiSRIOMulticoreLoopback/c6657/c66/bios/srioPlatCfg.h:
2015-12-03 Eric Rueic6678/c66/bios/multicoreLoopback.cfg:
2015-11-27 Eric Rueisrio_device_tput.c: add compiler switch SOC_C6678
2015-11-24 Eric RueiKeystone1 test code and projects cleanup
2015-11-17 Hao Zhangsrio: tput_benchmarking: fix setEnableSrioPllRxTx decla...
2015-11-10 Hao Zhangsrio: example: fix example compilation error
2015-10-27 Aravind Batniupdate CGT dependency on C6X_GEN_INSTALL_PATH variable
2015-10-22 Aravind Batnialign buildlib.xs to procsdk way
2015-10-19 Aravind Batnisupport for Keystone1 added
2015-08-12 ArunSDOCM00117983 fix DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2015-07-16 Justin SobotaUpdated SRIOMulticoreLoopback Linux example with new...
2015-06-03 Justin SobotaSrio_stop() now properly closes the CPPI obj in use
2015-05-28 Justin SobotaUpdated version
2015-05-14 Raghu NambiathUpdate: Fix from Arun for addressing nightly issue
2015-03-12 Justin SobotaFixed substitution to remove .created from static lib DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2015-03-12 Justin SobotaUpdated RN
2015-03-12 Justin SobotaRemoved .created from within SRIO static library so...
2015-03-04 Justin SobotaUpdated RN with SERDES update info
2015-02-17 ArunUpdated SRIO Serdes Init in LLD Example
2015-02-11 Justin SobotaSDOCM00114836: Need rawRxFreeDrvBuffer callout function...
2015-02-06 John DowdalSDOCM00114718: user-mode LLD update for cmem module...
2014-12-05 John Dowdalupdate RN DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-12-02 John DowdalMerge branch 'master' of
2014-12-02 John Dowdalfix installbin
2014-12-01 Justin SobotaAdded new RM OSAL functions to tests and examples DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-11-14 Justin SobotaCoverity fix
2014-11-14 Justin SobotaRevert "Coverity Fix"
2014-11-14 Justin SobotaUpdated RN
2014-11-14 Justin SobotaCoverity Fix
2014-11-05 John DowdalMerge branch 'uiocma'
2014-11-03 John Dowdalsriover needed for linux
2014-11-03 John Dowdalchange to match commited linux dts
2014-10-31 John Dowdalclean up garbage queue
2014-10-29 Justin SobotaFixed version
2014-10-08 John Dowdalsync k2h/k2k
2014-10-08 John Dowdalcombine SRIOMultiTaskLoopback and SRIOMulticoreLoopback
2014-09-24 John Dowdaladd missing files to package/tar DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-09-22 John Dowdalcut n paste erro
2014-09-19 John Dowdalbump ver DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-09-19 John Dowdaladd RM and cleanup to SRIOMulticoreLoopback
2014-09-16 John Dowdalmore cleanup
2014-09-16 John Dowdalcleanup, primarily removing psc code and using uio...
2014-09-15 John Dowdalperms
2014-09-15 John Dowdalmulti task ran overnight
2014-09-03 John Dowdalsingle task/core is restartable.
2014-09-02 John Dowdaltestcase works once on single core/task (multiple needs...
2014-08-29 John Dowdalbuidls
2014-07-25 Justin SobotaFix for SDOCM00108380
2014-06-19 Raghu NambiathUpdate for SDOCM00108348:SRIO_LoopbackK2KC66BiosTestPro... DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-06-17 Raghu NambiathFix for IR:SDOCM00108275 DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2014-06-04 Raghu NambiathUpdate for coverity issue. Uninitialized variable fix
2014-06-03 John Dowdaladd .gitignore
2014-05-12 Aravind Batniupdated SRIO test/examples for new QM Acc Prog OSAL
2013-10-16 Raghu NambiathUpdate for IR:SDOCM00104548 DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2013-05-29 Murtaza GaadiwalaFix for SDOCM00101623. Updated release docs for ver... DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2013-05-20 Raghu NambiathDocumentation Update DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2013-05-20 Raghu NambiathFix for SDOCM00101230,SDOCM00101231
2013-05-08 Raghu NambiathUpdated Fix for SDOCM00099159 for K2K platform
2013-05-03 Raghu NambiathUpdate for versions
2013-05-03 Raghu NambiathFix for IR SDOCM00099159. Increased the heap size
2013-05-03 Raghu NambiathFix for SDOCM00098856
2013-03-26 Raghu NambiathUpdate of Label and release note DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2013-03-22 Raghu NambiathUpdate with SERDES APIs from CSL
2013-03-21 Raghu NambiathUpdate for Throughput Benchmarking test
2013-02-05 Raghu NambiathUpdate to increase the stack size DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2013-02-01 Raghu NambiathUpdate to the LLD after EVM bringup.
2012-10-16 Murtaza GaadiwalaRenaming device directories and adding Hawking (TCI6636... DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2012-10-16 Murtaza GaadiwalaRenaming device directories and adding Hawking (TCI6636...
2012-10-16 Murtaza GaadiwalaMerged latest from UCM ClearCase
2012-07-27 Martin Qianfixed device dir DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2012-07-27 Martin QianCommited by migration script
2012-07-25 Martin QianCommited by migration script DEV.SRIO_LLD.
2012-07-22 Martin Qianinitial commit
2012-07-03 Martin Qianinitial commit