Merge pull request #3 in PROCESSOR-SDK/traceframework from CATREQ-2702 to master
[keystone-rtos/traceframework.git] / test /
2016-03-16 Aravind Batnitf:cuiaTest:fixing linker options DEV.TFWK-
2015-12-10 Hao Zhangtraceframework: keystone: rename test project name...
2015-08-18 Aravind BatniRevert "SDOCM00118367 fix" DEV.TFWK-
2015-08-18 ArunSDOCM00118367 fix
2015-08-13 ArunSDOCM00118367 fix
2015-08-03 Aravind Batnifix warnings for k2e test application
2015-08-03 Aravind Batnialigned the serdes sequence to updated sequence
2015-06-10 Aravind Batniapplied CSL serdes update patch
2015-04-30 Aravind Batnibug fixes along with big endian support (DSP only...
2014-11-21 Aravind Batnifixed K2E traceframework Serdes initialization
2014-11-20 Aravind Batniadded new RM OSAL
2014-11-17 Aravind Batnifixed covery issues in the unit test
2014-09-29 Aravind Batnifixed the race condition for buffer update and buffer...
2014-08-05 Aravind Batnifixed SDOCM00112406: issue linking with dynamic cUIA...
2014-07-30 Aravind Batnifixed case for linux builds DEV.TFWK-
2014-07-24 Aravind Batniremoved a debug code from arm producer consumer test DEV.TFWK-
2014-07-15 Aravind Batnifixed coverity issues for mcsdk-3.1.x-arm
2014-07-09 Aravind Batnifixed a warning in k2e project compilation
2014-07-09 Aravind Batnifixed compilation issue for DSP projects
2014-06-20 Aravind Batniupdated the library and test code for strict compilatio...
2014-06-04 Aravind Batniextended coverity issues to other APIs consumer Create... DEV.TFWK-
2014-06-04 Aravind Batniupdated traceframework for coverity issues
2014-03-30 Aravind Batnifixed compilation for ARM examples DEV.TFWK-
2014-03-28 Aravind Batnifixed k2e examples
2014-03-19 Aravind Batnifixed a compile time warning:Two events with the same...
2014-03-18 Aravind Batnifixed SDOCM00106979 DEV.TFWK-
2014-03-15 Aravind Batniclean up tf_loc.h include from interface header files...
2014-03-14 Aravind Batniupdated coverity issues and modified SYSBIOS CCS projec...
2014-03-06 Aravind Batniadded contract handle verification checks in library...
2014-02-28 Aravind Batnifixed segmentation fault issue in uia consumers for ARM DEV.TFWK-
2014-02-25 Aravind Batnifixed eth port number for k2l, k2h
2014-02-25 Aravind Batniremoved un used variables and increased accumulation...
2014-02-25 Aravind Batnibring up k2l, k2e platforms in the unit test
2014-02-21 Aravind Batniupdated the unittest makefiles for k2x
2014-02-21 Aravind Batnimultiprocess support in traceframework library
2014-02-04 Aravind Batniupdated general producer configuration for system analyzer
2014-02-03 Aravind Batniupdated ccs project txt files and makefiles for K2
2014-01-31 Aravind Batniadded Keystone2 support
2014-01-31 Aravind Batnifixed invalid buffer sends from consumer process when...
2014-01-30 Aravind Batnirenamed CCS project files to eliminate the conflicts...
2014-01-28 Aravind Batniupdated testGen example
2014-01-28 Aravind Batniupdated examples
2014-01-27 Aravind Batniadded uia snapshot and trace streaming support
2014-01-21 Aravind Batnifixed issues in test framework
2014-01-16 Aravind Batniadded synchronization configuraiton between multi consumers
2014-01-15 Aravind Batniadded ARM consumer support for the unit test, fixed...
2014-01-13 Aravind Batniadded armv7 makefile supports for the unit test
2014-01-13 Aravind Batniinitial commit