2014-07-30 Jacob StifflerEdmaMgr : Added support for transfers with large pitch.
2014-01-13 Jacob StifflerAdded more documentation for EdmaMgr APIs.
2014-01-10 Chris RingEdmaMgr: Add doxygen documentation
2014-01-10 Chris RingEdmaMgr: Remove dead code
2014-01-07 Jacob StifflerSDOCM00105754: EDMAMgr: Fix Local to Global addr
2013-12-21 Chris RingBuild: Remove unnecessary dependencies
2013-12-21 Chris RingSDOCM00105604: Remove [internal] _DSKT2_ipcKeyBase
2013-12-12 Chris RingEdmaMgr: indent tool code reformatting
2013-12-11 Chris RingEdmaMgr: Cleanup unnecessary header inclusion
2013-12-11 Chris RingEdmaMgr: Remove printf-based debug statements
2013-12-10 Jacob StifflerOverrides RMAN.maxAlgs with a value of 1
2013-12-10 Jacob StifflerRMAN: Enable single alg to make multiple requests
2013-11-23 Jacob StifflerEdmaMgr: Added persistent alloc/free functions
2013-11-20 Jacob StifflerAdded the EdmaMgr module.
2013-10-25 Chris RingSDOCM00104721: Allow target config params with '='
2013-10-25 Chris RingSDOCM00104664: Add targets to ti.sdo.fc.utils
2013-10-23 Chris RingRemove unnecessary files
2013-10-23 Chris RingECPY: Add C66_big_endian support
2013-09-25 Chris RingFix corrupt license statement
2013-09-20 Chris RingInitial import from FC