LP8758 - consolidated version
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2015-02-26 Milo Kimbacklight:lm3632_bl: fix checkpatch warning
2015-02-25 Milo Kimmfd: add LM3632 driver
2015-02-12 Daniel Jeongmfd : add new mfd device LM3632-backlight, regulator...
2015-02-12 Daniel Jeongmfd : add new mfd device LM3631-backlight and regulator
2015-02-11 Daniel Jeongbacklight : add new backlight driver LM36923
2014-06-02 Daniel jeongAdd TPS611xx(58/61/63/65) driver based on EasyScale... v0.5.TPS611XX.V0
2014-05-15 Daniel jeongAdd TPS61163A driver using EasyScale Interface - V0... V0.3.TPS61163A.V0
2014-05-07 Daniel jeongAdd LM3585 Device driver -v0 based on LK3.8 v0.2.LM3585.V0
2014-05-02 Daniel jeongAdd LP8860 Device Driver - working with Android Test... v0.1.LP8860.V0
2014-04-30 Daniel jeongSetup Iintial baseline based on LK3.14 v0.0.init