[canonicalize] Teach InstCombine to canonicalize loads which are only
[opencl/llvm.git] / test / Transforms / InstCombine / load.ll
2015-01-22 Chandler Carruth[canonicalize] Teach InstCombine to canonicalize loads...
2014-10-20 Chandler CarruthFix a miscompile introduced in r220178.
2014-10-19 Chandler CarruthFix a long-standing miscompile in the load analysis...
2014-07-15 Matt ArsenaultConvert test to FileCheck.
2010-07-12 Chris Lattnermerge two tests.
2010-01-05 Chris Lattnerclean up tests.
2009-09-08 Dan GohmanUse opt -S instead of piping bitcode output through...
2009-09-08 Dan GohmanChange these tests to feed the assembly files to opt...
2008-10-15 Dan GohmanTeach instcombine's visitLoad to scan back several...
2008-03-25 Tanya LattnerByebye llvm-upgrade!
2007-09-05 Dale JohannesenChange all floating constants that are not exactly
2007-08-12 Chris Lattneroops, forgot to commit this.
2007-04-14 Reid SpencerFor PR1319:
2006-12-02 Reid SpencerUse the llvm-upgrade program to upgrade llvm assembly.
2006-11-23 Reid SpencerPromote GEP ubyte indices to uint. Backwards compatibil...
2006-11-01 Chris Lattnerremove a testcase for a marginal feature
2005-09-12 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2005-09-12 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2005-09-12 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2005-05-01 Chris Lattneradd a new testcase
2004-09-19 Chris LattnerAdd two new testcases that instcombine should handle
2004-05-27 Chris LattnerAdd back a test I accidentally removed
2004-05-27 Chris LattnerAdd another testcase
2003-09-16 Misha BrukmanRenamed `as' => `llvm-as', `dis' => `llvm-dis', `link...
2003-06-28 Chris LattnerRemove usage of grep-not script
2003-06-28 Chris LattnerConvert scripts from using explicit control flow to...
2003-06-26 Chris Lattneradd tests for elimination of loads