For llvm-objdump, hook up existing options to work when using -macho (the Mach-O...
[opencl/llvm.git] / test / tools / gold /
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaFix linking of shared libraries.
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaFix handling of extern_weak. This was broken by r225983.
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaHandle a symbol being undefined.
2015-01-06 Rafael EspindolaChange the .ll syntax for comdats and add a syntactic...
2014-12-09 Rafael EspindolaRemember the unmangled name in the plugin.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaThis test requires asserts because of -stats.
2014-11-25 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: call llvm_shutdown so that -stats works.
2014-11-24 Rafael EspindolaAdd a disable-output option to the gold plugin.
2014-11-12 Rafael EspindolaFix the test.
2014-10-30 Rafael EspindolaEnable the slp vectorizer in the gold plugin.
2014-10-30 Rafael EspindolaEnable the loop vectorizer in the gold plugin.
2014-10-29 Rafael EspindolaReplace also-emit-llvm with save-temps.
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Handle gold selecting a linkonce GV when...
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: create internal replacement with original...
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Remap function arguments when creating...
2014-09-18 Peter CollingbourneLTO: introduce object file-based on-disk module format.
2014-09-17 Rafael EspindolaInternalize common symbols when we can.
2014-09-10 Rafael EspindolaRemember to eraseFromParent after replaceAllUsesWith.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaHandle common linkage correctly in the gold plugin.
2014-09-05 Rafael EspindolaThe gold tests also require ppc to be compiled in.
2014-09-03 Rafael EspindolaUpdate to not depend on "llvm-objdump -d -symbolize".
2014-08-22 Rafael EspindolaAdd support for comdats to the gold plugin.
2014-08-21 Rafael EspindolaRewrite the gold plugin to fix pr19901.
2014-08-12 Rafael EspindolaMake the test a bit more strict.
2014-08-12 Rafael EspindolaAdd a plugin testcase for merging weak variables.
2014-08-11 Rafael EspindolaFix using -plugin-opt=apiflie when also using -plugin...
2014-08-07 Rafael EspindolaFix test failure on ARM.
2014-08-05 Rafael EspindolaAdd a test showing the interaction of linker scripts...
2014-07-30 Rafael EspindolaAdd a small test showing when a linkonce_odr symbol...
2014-07-29 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Fix handling of corrupted bitcode files.
2014-07-29 Rafael EspindolaAdd a test for the mtriple plugin option.
2014-07-28 Rafael EspindolaTest the linker plugin handling of llvm.used.
2014-07-28 Rafael EspindolaAdd tests for the various emit-llvm plugin options.
2014-07-28 Rafael EspindolaTest the mcpu option.
2014-07-27 Rafael EspindolaStart adding some tests for the gold plugin.