descriptionExternal git repos for TI’s OpenCL product source - TI mirror of llvm git repo with changes to support C6000.
last changeThu, 22 Jan 2015 23:39:32 +0000 (17:39 -0600)
2015-01-22 Jon HumphreysUpdates to sync with changes in upstream. master
2015-01-22 Jon HumphreysAdded support for C6000 with CMake
2015-01-22 Jon Humphreys- Added some stub implementations for C6000 target...
2015-01-22 Jon HumphreysAdded C6000 LLVM target specialization files.
2015-01-22 Jon Humphreys modified: include/llvm/IR/
2015-01-22 Jon HumphreysAdded TI generic and C6x specific intrinsics
2015-01-22 Duncan P. N... IR: Change GenericDwarfNode::getHeader() to StringRef
2015-01-22 Duncan P. N... IR: DwarfNode => DebugNode, NFC
2015-01-22 Simon Pilgrim[X86][AVX] Added (V)MOVDDUP / (V)MOVSLDUP / (V)MOVSHDUP...
2015-01-22 Simon PilgrimLine endings fixes. NFC.
2015-01-22 Simon Pilgrim[X86][SSE] Simplified PSUBUS tests
2015-01-22 Lang Hames[Object] Fix a bug in a condition introduced in r226217...
2015-01-22 Chandler Carruth[PM] Actually add the new pass manager support for...
2015-01-22 Benjamin KramerRemove dead leak detector parts that fell out of use...
2015-01-22 Duncan P. N... IR: Update references to temporaries before deleting
2015-01-22 Chris BienemanRefactoring cl::parser construction and initialization.
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7 years ago v01.01.07.01 Tag for Processor SDK 4Q
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