2019-03-05 Gaurav MitraAdded updated software manifest master v02.06.03.00
2019-03-01 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'release/v02.06.03.00'
2019-01-31 Gaurav MitraErrata Advisory fix for C6678, C6657, C6670: Read excep...
2018-10-17 Ajay JayarajFix Ipc.setEntryMeta call with masterCoreIdx != 0
2018-03-12 Ajay JayarajFix a potential null pointer dereference reported by...
2018-03-12 Ajay JayarajUpdate to build against CoreSDK 2018.00
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraMerge tag 'v02.06.02.01' into develop
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.06.02.01' v02.06.02.01
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraHotfix to remove legacy eclipse plugin generation
2017-09-13 Ajay JayarajUpdated to Core SDK ti2017.04-rc2
2017-09-11 Ajay JayarajUpdated Makefiles to build against customized CoreSDK...
2017-09-06 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v02.06.02.00' for PSDK 17Q3 ...
2017-09-06 Ajay JayarajUpdate version to v02.06.03.00
2017-06-13 Emily CurryMerge tag 'v02.06.01.00' into develop v02.06.02.00
2017-06-13 Emily CurryMerge branch 'release/v02.06.01.00' v02.06.01.00
2017-06-09 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK/CGT
2017-06-01 Emily CurryUpdate version to v02.06.02.00
2017-03-13 Emily CurryMerge tag 'v02.06.00.00' into develop
2017-03-13 Emily CurryMerge branch 'release/v02.06.00.00' v02.06.00.00
2017-03-08 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK
2017-03-06 Emily CurryUpdate version to v02.06.01.00
2017-03-02 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK
2017-02-02 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK
2017-01-19 Ajay JayarajSwitched C6657 to using software queues
2017-01-17 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'develop_1q17' into develop
2016-12-13 Eric StotzerMerge pull request #2 in MCTOOLS/ti-openmp-dsp-runtime...
2016-12-13 Eric Stotzersoftware queues review feedback
2016-12-08 Eric Stotzerlinked list based software queues with less contention...
2016-12-06 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v02.05.00.00' v02.05.00.00
2016-11-21 Emily CurryUpdate version to v02.05.01.00
2016-11-09 Ajay JayarajMerge pull request #1 in MCTOOLS/ti-openmp-dsp-runtime...
2016-11-03 Ajay JayarajSwitched to software queues for K2x
2016-10-06 Emily CurryMerge tag 'v02.04.00.02' into develop
2016-10-06 Emily CurryMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.04.00.02' v02.04.00.02
2016-10-05 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK
2016-10-05 Emily CurryUpdate version to v02.04.00.02
2016-09-28 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.04.00.01' into develop
2016-09-28 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.04.00.01'
2016-09-28 Ajay JayarajMCT-609: Uniitialized variable causing assertion failure v02.04.00.01
2016-09-14 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v02.04.00.00' into develop
2016-09-14 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v02.04.00.00' v02.04.00.00
2016-09-09 Ajay JayarajUpdated version number
2016-09-09 Ajay JayarajUpdated version number
2016-09-01 Eric Stotzeradd k2l platform file and support for k2l in examples
2016-07-15 Pete CurryUpdate PSDK
2016-06-24 Pete CurryMerge tag 'v02.03.01.00' into develop
2016-06-24 Pete CurryMerge branch 'release/v02.03.01.00' v02.03.01.00
2016-06-22 Ajay JayarajCheck for BUILD_AM57 == 0
2016-06-22 Ajay JayarajCheck for BUILD_AM57 == 0
2016-06-21 Pete CurryUpdate PSDK
2016-06-14 Pete CurryUpdate PSDK
2016-06-14 Pete CurryUpdate version to v02.03.02.00
2016-06-02 Ajay JayarajUpdates to configure #cores dynamically from OpenCL
2016-05-03 Eric Stotzerupdate to documentation for SDK 2.0.2
2016-04-12 Eric Stotzerupdate intro section of documentation
2016-04-06 Pete CurryUpdate PSDKs
2016-03-17 Eric Stotzerfix patch verion # on develop
2016-03-17 Eric StotzerMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.02.01.03' v02.02.01.03
2016-03-17 Eric Stotzerfix am57x NOLOAD auto-init and omp atomic race bugs
2016-03-17 Eric Stotzerupdate version to
2016-03-11 Pete CurryMerge tag 'v02.02.01.02' into develop
2016-03-11 Pete CurryMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.02.01.02' v02.02.01.02
2016-03-11 Pete CurryFix K2G .tomp_svNcMem initialization
2016-03-11 Pete CurryUpdate version to v02.02.01.02
2016-03-08 Pete CurryMerge tag 'v02.02.01.01' into develop
2016-03-08 Pete CurryMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.02.01.01' v02.02.01.01
2016-03-08 Pete CurryFix task barrier at end of parallel region with num_thr...
2016-03-08 Pete CurryAvoid unused QMSS dependency on K2G
2016-03-08 Pete CurryUpdate version to v02.02.01.01
2016-03-03 Pete CurryMerge tag '' into develop
2016-03-03 Pete CurryMerge branch 'release/' v02.02.01.00
2016-03-03 Pete CurryUpdate version to
2016-03-03 Pete CurryUpdate changelog
2016-03-02 Pete CurryAdd K2G support
2016-01-26 Pete CurryUpdate PSDK
2016-01-15 Eric StotzerUpdate
2016-01-14 Pete CurryUpdate SDKs
2015-12-15 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v02.02.00.00' into develop
2015-12-15 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v02.02.00.00' v02.02.00.02
2015-12-15 Eric StotzerMerge branch 'release/v02.02.00' of
2015-12-15 Eric Stotzerbarrier and taskwait bug fixes
2015-12-15 Ajay JayarajUpdated documentation to remove modes
2015-12-11 Ajay JayarajFixed a makefile issue with duplicated source files
2015-12-08 Ajay JayarajBuild system changes required by new KeyStone SDKs
2015-11-30 Ajay JayarajBumped up version to
2015-11-23 Ajay JayarajAdded 6636 to device names tested for K2H
2015-11-20 Eric Stotzeradd tomp_dispatch_finish for am57x accelerator model
2015-11-19 Ajay JayarajMoved RTSC mode init function back into app cfg, added...
2015-11-12 Ajay JayarajCleaned up build process
2015-11-12 Ajay JayarajSet CSL deviceType appropriately for K2H/L/E
2015-11-05 Eric Stotzerchmod +x .csh scripts
2015-11-05 Eric Stotzeradd sitara am572 support
2015-10-26 Ajay JayarajFix "Disabled latex based user guide generation"
2015-10-26 Ajay JayarajDisabled latex based user guide generation
2015-10-22 Eric StotzerAdd SOC_K2H flag for CSL changes
2015-09-22 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v02.01.17.02' into develop
2015-09-22 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.01.17.02' v02.01.17.02
2015-09-22 Ajay JayarajDefect fix - runtime configuration with non zero master...
2015-09-10 Pete CurryMerge branch 'feature/port-k2el' into develop
2015-09-10 Pete CurryMerge branch 'develop' into feature/port-k2el