descriptionProject to hold OpenMP related repositories - OpenMP DSP Runtime for KeyStone I and KeyStone II (66AK2H only) devices.
last changeTue, 5 Mar 2019 05:21:17 +0000 (23:21 -0600)
2019-03-05 Gaurav MitraAdded updated software manifest master v02.06.03.00
2019-03-01 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'release/v02.06.03.00'
2019-01-31 Gaurav MitraErrata Advisory fix for C6678, C6657, C6670: Read excep...
2018-10-17 Ajay JayarajFix Ipc.setEntryMeta call with masterCoreIdx != 0
2018-03-12 Ajay JayarajFix a potential null pointer dereference reported by...
2018-03-12 Ajay JayarajUpdate to build against CoreSDK 2018.00
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraMerge tag 'v02.06.02.01' into develop
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'hotfix/v02.06.02.01' v02.06.02.01
2017-12-18 Gaurav MitraHotfix to remove legacy eclipse plugin generation
2017-09-13 Ajay JayarajUpdated to Core SDK ti2017.04-rc2
2017-09-11 Ajay JayarajUpdated Makefiles to build against customized CoreSDK...
2017-09-06 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v02.06.02.00' for PSDK 17Q3 ...
2017-09-06 Ajay JayarajUpdate version to v02.06.03.00
2017-06-13 Emily CurryMerge tag 'v02.06.01.00' into develop v02.06.02.00
2017-06-13 Emily CurryMerge branch 'release/v02.06.01.00' v02.06.01.00
2017-06-09 Emily CurryUpdate PSDK/CGT
2 years ago v02.06.03.00
3 years ago v02.06.02.01 Hotfix to remove legacy eclipse...
3 years ago v02.06.02.00 Merge v02.06.02.00 for PSDK 17Q3...
3 years ago v02.06.01.00 v02.06.01.00
4 years ago v02.06.00.00 v02.06.00.00
4 years ago v02.05.00.00 Tag for 16Q4 Processor SDK release
4 years ago v02.04.00.02 v02.04.00.02
4 years ago v02.04.00.01 v02.04.00.01 for 3Q SDK release
4 years ago v02.04.00.00 Tagged v02.04.00.00 for Processor...
4 years ago v02.03.01.00 v02.03.01.00
5 years ago v02.02.01.03 Hotfix v02.02.01.03
5 years ago v02.02.01.02 v02.02.01.02
5 years ago v02.02.01.01 v02.02.01.01
5 years ago v02.02.01.00 Tag
5 years ago v02.02.00.02 Tag for Processor SDK 4Q
5 years ago v02.01.17.02 v02.01.17.02
2 years ago master