Merge branch 'release/v01.05.06.00'
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2019-12-08 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'release/v01.05.06.00' master v01.05.06.00
2019-08-02 Gaurav MitraRemove edmabw example
2019-03-05 Gaurav MitraMerge tag 'v01.05.05.01' into develop
2019-03-05 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.05.05.01' v01.05.05.01
2019-03-05 Gaurav MitraBugfixes for v01.05.05.01 release
2019-03-01 Gaurav MitraMerge branch 'release/v01.05.05.00'
2018-09-17 Ajay JayarajFix Klocwork issues and other cleanup
2018-03-02 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'release/v01.05.04.00' v01.05.04.00
2018-03-02 Yuan ZhaoFix msmc size in dspheap example for k2g
2017-03-13 Emily CurryMerge branch 'release/v01.05.01.00' v01.05.01.00
2017-02-20 Ajay JayarajSwitched to CXX variable for g++ in example Makefiles
2016-12-06 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v01.05.00.00' for 164Q release v01.05.00.00
2016-11-14 Ajay JayarajReduced MSMC SRAM usage in dspheap test to 512KB
2016-09-26 Eric StotzerMerge tag 'v01.04.00.02' into develop
2016-09-26 Eric StotzerMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.04.00.02' v01.04.00.02
2016-09-26 Eric Stotzerreduce edmabw test buffer from 512k to 128k
2016-09-14 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v01.04.00.00' v01.04.00.00
2016-08-04 Eric Stotzerdefault to make examples in quiet mode
2016-03-18 Pete CurryMerge tag 'v01.03.01.01' into develop
2016-03-18 Pete CurryMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.03.01.01' v01.03.01.01
2016-03-18 Pete CurryTemporary workaround for locale bug
2015-08-24 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v01.02.00.00' v01.02.00.00
2015-07-09 Ajay JayarajRemoved make.git, not required.
2015-05-26 Ajay JayarajInitial commit of new repo structure v1.2.0